Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Decorations

I love to shop at this adorable place when I am visiting Concord.  This picture doesn't do it  justice.  I am a really big fan of urns.  Love these.  I have five black metal urns currently.  Would really like to collect more.  You can do so much with them.

I wanted to show some more of my decorating that I did in our prior house.  I really had a great time decorating that fireplace.  Once again, there are my black birds.  Notice the creepy bugs crawling up to the mantel.  I think I got the idea from Martha Stewart again.  She is a great resource.  I try and buy her Halloween magazine every year for reference.

For a while, I was obsessed with Dept. 56 houses.  This one is great because it lights up and has spooky sounds.  

This was a great find for me.  I was antiquing in Oakland and I came across this strange tree.  Fell in love instantly and added webbing and a crow.   I like the simplicity of this table decoration.

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nkp said...

Okay, now I've ready from start to finish and...I want more! You have a wonderful blog here and I'm pretty certain I've found a daily read. It's great to "meet" you Jamilyn!