Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Little Things...

Having birds back at my bird feeder is making me so happy!  See this little Tufted Titmouse flinging the food around?  They have been eating so much food I have had to fill the feeder many times over!  I seem to have more birds this year and they are really hungry (go here for more photo's).  Getting fattened up for the winter.  Is this an indication of how harsh the winter is going to be?  I hope not!  I know it is coming and Massachusetts winters can be tough and long, but, I am in denial!  I am slowly removing my summer clothes and replacing them with turtlenecks and coats.  I am creating quite a mess trying to get organized.  I guess it gets messy before it gets better.  I am already wearing my knitted Uggs almost every day now.  Coziest shoe I own!  Got them from the Walking Company.  They have the most comfortable shoes!
Classic Cardy Uggs

On this fall day in New England, it is all about the little things that are making me happy!

{Bird photo via me, Uggs image from The Walking Company}

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