Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finally-The Cloud Stool Is Now Mine!

All mine!  I finally own one!  I have been drooling over this antique stool for way too many years.  It is over 100 years old and I am in love.  A gorgeous addition to my living room.  It is more beautiful in person and is very heavy, about 44 lbs.

MyAntique Cloud Stool
I found my original antique Cloud Stool on the Neiman Marcus web site (came with certificate of authentication- I can trust Neiman's right?).  It was on sale and I got an extra 25% off.  That was motivation enough to buy it even though it was still expensive.  However, I will cherish it forever!
My living room
{Not sure if it will stay next to chair}
Every now and then, you can find knock-off Cloud Stools at Home Goods and elsewhere.  They are very appealing and may come in different colors.  For a Cloud Stool you can spend anywhere from $39 to $600.

 These two rooms below are an example of how the Cloud Stool has shown up in magazines.  These rooms are gorgeous!  I especially like the first image.
Veranda via Traci Zeller Designs

House Beautiful

Have a wonderful day!

xo jamilyn

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