Friday, July 30, 2010

Lucca Antiques

A very fine antique store with beautiful unique european treasures.  I am very attracted to the soothing palettes of their furniture selections.  They have a very "earthy" timeless appeal to them.   Raw elegance with rustic textures.  I love coming across beautiful stores and knowing they are out there makes me happy!

Check out their inventory at Lucca is vast and certainly beautiful!

Los Angeles Address:
Lucca Antiques
744 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

New York Address:
Lucca Antiques
182 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013

Have a wonderful weekend!

{images from Lucca Antiques}

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My French Reading Lamps Are Finally Here

Finally!  Waiting forever for these petite handmade French reading lamps from Galerie des Lampes.  They are here and I am really enjoying my new reading "nook" in my living room.  I think they are just the right size for this area and are beautifully handcrafted.  However, I need something really interesting on either side of the window to hang on the empty wall space.  Space needs more personality.  Seems very bare bones right now and a little too neutral.  My one wish would be to NOT have that wall radiator right under the window!  I really despise the thing.  Ruins the whole look for me!  Thinking of painting it the same as the wall color but then thought it would just be this "ugly" thing painted!

Grasshopper Lamp in antiqued bronze from Galerie des Lampes, France

Wall color:  Camouflage by Benjamin Moore
Trim:  White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Now back to my reading!

{Images property of Living It At Home and taken via me}

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dizzy With Delight-A New Source

Did you ever get so giddy over a place?  Yes, I am using that silly word!  Dizzy...giddy...lighthearted...frivolous...they all apply to this place, Bob Withington Antiques on Route 1 in York, Maine.   I had the pleasure of visiting several antique stores along this scenic route in Maine and had a blissful experience!   I have posted the map of this area below (end of post) so you may see all the wonderful shops you can visit along this route.  There are at least twenty three stores to visit!  I went a little faint seeing all of these garden urns.  Love them!

Martha Stewart also loves this store too!  We have alot in common her and she is with the owner.  Check out her post she did about her visit there on her blog, The Martha Blog.

This large store offers European and American furnishings, garden ornaments, and other fine vintage items. 
I love the feel of this antique store.  Everything goes together beautifully.

This statuary was already "sold".  Lucky for me...

I love the rustic elegance of these lamps.

Once again, I am a big fan of garden ornaments and urns.  This faux bois (french for false wood) planter is beautiful.

Here is the map of Route 1 in Maine.  You would start in York and work your way up!
Have a wonderful time if you go.  I know I will be back again soon, that is for sure.  Next time though, I am buying something from Withington Antiques.  I have my eyes on the garden urns!
Have fun!

{Photo's via me, Martha Stewart Blog}

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Create A Vignette From The Beach, The Dump and Salvation Army....

Sea Shells, discarded old {pretty cool} books, and a silver tray make a nice vignette for my foyer table.  I really get a kick out of doing things like this in my home.  Sometimes I find myself wandering around my house "fiddling".  I really should be doing the "important" boring mundane tasks but sometimes my creative brain just needs a release!  Not the most amazing creation but satisfying!  You never know what you can combine to create texture, color and interest to a "needy" spot.  And ya know...didn't cost much!  I think the silver tray was $1.99 at the local salvation army.  The seashells are from the Jersey shore and Maine.  There is a treasure trove of antique books at the dump...who knew? Easy!
Lamp is something we picked up at In Home Furniture when they were in business here and the print is from Ireland.

Not bad but looks better in person.  What can you create with items found and items treasured?  Give it a satisfies your creative side!

Have fun!

{Photo's via me}

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maine On The Brain Take 2

Heading up to Maine-from Boston- is always a great escape.  Was not that long of a drive and made it in under 3 hours to Georgetown, ME.  A week of bliss, relaxing, reading-no t.v.-and sightseeing.  Mostly a wonderful change of scenery and powering down.  Couldn't get enough of the views.  Truly special in every way!

I think our dog Maggie was afraid to walk on the porch for fear she may fall through the cracks!  She wouldn't even step on them.

Five Islands, ME

Views were spectacular from the porch.

Lots of sunning and reading here.

Best lobster shack!  Had plenty of lobsta' while we were there.  Yum!

Pemaquid Point Light House, ME

Our dog Maggie gets really perky when she is near water.  She also loves to hunt for treasures, which is usually sea shells.  Can't wait to go back again some day...


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maine on the brain

In a few hours I will be sitting at this picnic table eating lobster in Maine!  We are off to our rental home on the ocean.  Happy Fourth of July!

Stay tuned for pictures!