Friday, December 17, 2010

A {Tiny} Bit Of Christmas From Our House

I just have to face decorating this year is just not up to par!  There are only eight more days left till Christmas and I did not do everything I wanted to do.  I have decided to be more like the victorian housewives {instead of the Boston housewives-wonder if they will do a show here}.  Anyway, since the victorian woman had to make everything by hand they began at least three months in advance {I think}.  This is where I need to be next year, starting in August!  On average woman spend about 300 hours or 38 working days preparing for the festivities {source here}.  I may have spent that amount of time thinking "I really need to get started".  Shamefully, our tree isn't fully decorated.  I will not be showing a picture right now because I hope to get to it this weekend!
This display on my sideboard I literally threw together in about 10 minutes.  Good for now.  My daughter made the sparkly red pine cones.  Great project to do with kids and they make cute gifts as ornaments.  Just buy red glitter, get some glue and get to work!  Cute!

Lovely sweet gingerbread house purchased from here.  We will be eating this soon...
How many days or hours have you spent getting ready?


{All images taken via me}

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pin Me {Sparkle For Christmas}

Presenting my small ever growing collection of sparkly things.  I set up a little photo shoot for you to show them off.   I know using natural light is the key in photography, so I placed them by a window.  I have been learning that my house is just to dark for photos!  Note to self...  next home will have bigger windows or more of them for lots of sunlight!  We also have 7 very old large Oak trees surrounding our home which provides much needed shade in the heat of the summer.  My daughter has named our home Seven Oaks because we have so many.  I like that we have named our home!  It makes it sound so grand and old fashioned!  Well, back to my jewelry.  I have realized over the years that I really like things that sparkle.  Thus, my attraction to these beauties below.  The three lovely pins are vintage and very unique.  Perfect for a statement piece on any simple outfit.
The very large round rhinestone pin I just picked up at a local consignment store.  I was so excited to find it and it was discounted too!  It is so beautiful in person and looks great pinned on a black sweater or even a cream one.  It is done really well and picks up the light which makes it sparkle very brightly.  Perfect for a Christmas party.  We actually have one this week and I plan on wearing it!

Whenever I come across unusual vintage jewelry, I think that something great can be done with them.  They are so unique and made well.  I then came across Elva Fields.  Emily Wheat Maynard scours flea markets for unique jewelry and produces these gorgeous necklaces from them.  I seriously want one of these pieces.  Most of my favorites have already sold out.  They are one of a kind.  Gorgeous!  These are just some examples below.  Enjoy!


Have you ever come across anything so lovely?

{Photo's taken via me and property of Living It At Home.  Necklaces from Elva Fields}

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Easy Christmas Decorations For Front Door {Side Door}

One of the best things I have ever bought {for outside} are my black metal urns.  I use them over and over for every season.  This festive display only took me about fifteen minutes to arrange.  You can find the large red twigs and fresh greenery at your local nursery.  To do these two containers cost me around thirty dollars.  As far as a wreath, you don't need to get to complicated.  Just pick up an evergreen wreath and tie a simple red bow on it.  Now, there are years were I would like to do something different or more elaborate {like this year}.  However, this display is the fastest way to get your front entrance looking good and you can move on to more important gifts!
To arrange these decorations, it is really easy.  First you start with need that to hold everything in place.  I like to keep the red branches bundled together in the middle.  I usually tie them at the end with rubber bands and  place them in the middle deep in the dirt.  I then take each evergreen branch and stick them around the pot.  The large pine cones you can add in anywhere.  I think they look best clustered in a pair.  That is it and you are done!  I purchased all of these at Fran's Flowers in Natick, MA.  Go here to see there video on how to arrange a beautiful holiday display for your winter containers.

Our side door decorations.  Again, this was easy and simple.  I picked up two small trees and just placed them in my urns.  I then found some pine cones lying around outside and tucked them in.  Done!
I just saw snow flurries today.  Expecting snow by the end of the week?  Already?  I still have Christmas lights to hang outside!

Have fun decorating!