Friday, May 28, 2010

My New England-y Flowers-so pretty

Well, my flowers are not really indigenous to New England and I am sure you can find them anywhere...but, they make me so happy and make my house look New England-y.  I guess it is the cat mint that does it for me.  It is just starting to bloom its signature long purple spikes in glorious masses.  I really cannot get enough of this whimsical plant!  I keep running out to buy more!  For me this evokes summer and the charm of New England.  My house already has that look as it is a garrison colonial with shutters and wood siding.  I just love my flowers!  {My house has to be is not the brilliant white it should be!}  The area below is my side entrance with blue stone patio.  To enhance our curb appeal, we will be adding a rock wall to frame off this area with bench seating.  We may plant a little flowering tree behind the wall.  I really want a lush setting with flowers overflowing everywhere.  I want to pull up to my house and "sigh".
This arrangement makes me so happy to see everyday when I come home.  I purchased the planter when In Home Furniture store was closing down.  So pretty!

My little black urns, that are aging nicely, are one of my favorite decorations for this area.  I needed a hardy plant for them so I planted Geraniums.  Never use red but liked the way that color stands out against all the white of my house.

Don't you just love cat mint?  This is the walkers low variety.  I guess the only problem is if you have cats.  I hear they go cookoo over this plant and roll in it.  We don't have a cat and were I live you can't have cats outdoors because the coyotes and foxes will get them!  MeOw!

Close up of all my happy little flowers

My new addition to my yard.  I found this stone swan planter at Home Goods the other day.  It is actually made from real stone and is very heavy.  It was a steal at $19.99 considering what stone planters go for.  I wanted to give it a french look so I planted french lavender in it.  I was actually thinking of aging the swan by encouraging moss to grow on it.  I think this will be a project for next year as it takes several weeks in a shady spot.  I really like how this arrangement came out and I am so excited about it.  Lavender is one of my favorite plants, next to cat mint.  Do you like?

More french lavender for me...yeah!  My mom said that this plant is so me. Well, I am off to sit out on my patio and have breakfast.  I will be planting more flowers and will post soon.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We are staying local.  I am relieved that we will not be in all that traffic!  We may just take a day trip up the coast...thinking of Maine?  If I could have my dream scenario, I would just move up there for the summer months!

Have fun!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creativity Spotlight-Studio B Vintage Paper Jewelry

What happens when you combine talent, creativity and vintage paper that is over 100 years old?  Well, you get charming and unique hand made art jewelry that you just want to wear!  I had the pleasure of visiting Beth Hylan's Studio B vintage paper boutique located in the historic town of Concord, Mass.  I had actually learned of this shop from Yvonne from Design Vignettes blog {go here to read more}.  Yvonne actually is a very talented interior decorator and a graphic designer who designed the shops adorable logo {image below}.  

"I do as I'm told" pin.  I wanted to get this for my daughter!  
Concord is one of my favorite towns here in Massachusetts for its historical charm and best of all shopping!  

Studio B logo designed by Yvonne Blacker at Design Vignettes blog.  

I was enchanted by how lovely the shop was arranged.  It is a little treasure trove!  I was also very impressed by Beth's work and how she turned it into a business.  To be able to harness your artistic side that way and make it into a livelihood is the ultimate!

"Each piece is created out of hand-cut layers of vintage paper that is over 100 years old.  The face of each piece is a collage of steel plate prints and antique type.  These layers are then sealed in jeweler's resin and finished with pearls and sterling.  Each piece is an original work of art." (Information via Studio B)

I am including some photo's of my favorites.  It was hard to choose!

Small dragon fly frame. 

My Mom bought a charm for my daughter that simply just said, "fly".

A beautifully framed work of art about rain..."I like the rain, I like every drop, I wish the rain would never stop".

Another whimsical frame with a bird theme.

I love the creativity of this piece made from vintage paper.

Here is the shop window.  How charming is that?  I love the little wicker handbags.
Studio B
44 Main Street
Second Floor
Concord, MA

I highly recommend visiting Concord and this wonderful shop!

{Photo's taken by Living It At Home}

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love New England because of towns like this

Like I said, I love living in New England because of quaint adorable towns like this one.  My mom and I took a trip to shop and spend the day roaming around Newburyport, Massachusetts.  The weather was perfect and only enhanced the loveliness of this special place.  {Newburyport is a small coastal city in Essex CountyMassachusettsUnited States, 28 miles (61 km) northeast of Boston.}  I was so busy having a relaxing day that I didn't spend much time taking pictures.  I think I actually got lazy about it.  Enjoying the view without having to drag out my camera was what I wanted to do.  There are many cute coastal towns scattered up and down the Massachusetts coast.  This is one of my favorites because it has great shopping and good food.

Bobbles & Lace is always on my list to stop in.  This boutique carries beautiful inexpensive jewelry.  You can always find something affordable to walk out with.

Shop window

We were starved and found a place to sit outside and enjoy the water views and all the pretty boats.  I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was at Not Your Average Joe's.  I had a perfectly grilled blue cheese and bacon burger and my mom had chicken oscar.   Once again, too caught up to stop and take a photos for you!  My favorite thing to do is dine al fresco!  What a lovely day!

Wonderful unique shopping along State Street.

My imagination always gets the best of me when I am roaming historic towns.  I like to imagine what it was like then and who lived there.  Of course, I completely romanticize that time!
Right outside of the town is Plum Island.  To me this island is quintessential summer with its raw beaches and wind blown grasses.  There are many beach houses for rent there.  So New England!  {Plum Island is an 11-mile long barrier Island off the shore of Newburyport and Newbury. Once largely a summer getaway, Plum Island is increasingly a year-round community. The island has many residences, a national wildlife refuge, restaurants, an inn on the beach, and of course miles of beautiful sandy beaches.}

The water and beautiful sun made me want to just jump in.  I need a boat asap!
Ahh, finally summer is on its way and here to stay!  For more information on Newburyport please go here.

Are you as excited as I am about summer?


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What A Beauty-What A Beast

And I loved them both.  OK, I will buy you.  I take a look-see at her price...sorry sister, at about $1,500 we must part ways.

Met this beauty at Brimfield Antiques Fair, MA.  Yeah I know I should have posted these fantastic pictures already but just to darn busy lately.  Also my mom is in town.

Now meet the beast.  Oh, he was part of a pair from a manor in France.  This mean old guard dog and his sidekick were chained to the front entrance of their grand home.  I was very tempted to chain them up to my humble abode.  Grrrr!

As you know, I am always on the look out for garden urns.  

I really enjoyed this vendor and all of his garden statues.

Ceiling light that I was considering.  Looking for something like this.

This is another beauty.  This vintage lamp stopped me in my tracks with its beautiful color.  Some other bloggers also posted about this lamp too!  I was over enjoying goodbonesgreatpieces blog and they also thought this lamp was fabulous!  We all think alike!

This vendor from Georgia had a great furniture selection.

This ottoman was so adorable with its metal legs!

Some vendors really had it together with a great presentation.

I loved these nautical lights.

Row after row of antiques.  We walked for hours and I left with nothing.  I was really looking for larger pieces for my home such as a mirror.  I am glad that I was able to restrain myself from buying little things.  I highly recommend this antique fair.  Did you go?  Do you wish you went?  I am going back next time.  I think they have another in June and September.


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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gone Antiquing At Brimfield!

I am off to Brimfield antiques fair here in Massachusetts!  I have always wanted to go and would you know the first time I am going and it is raining!  I am out the door anyway!  Will post soon!

Keeping my eye out for a mirror for above my antique sideboard~

Also I would love to make my mudroom more interesting with a unique bench and some old coat hooks!
Keeping my fingers crossed that I will find something wonderful!


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

French Floor Lamps

Finally the moment has come where I was able to make a decision on floor lamps (go here to see more) for our reading area.  What a time I had and let many months pass (maybe years) unable to find what I wanted or make a choice and stick with it.  I am very excited to report that we placed our order for these gorgeous floor lamps hand made in France (second photo).  They are very simple yet perfect for the space next to each chair {current lamp in picture next to chair is only temporary from Restoration Hardware}.  The worst part for me is waiting for them to come.  Figure sometime at the end of June maybe July.  Oh gosh, that seems so far away.  Did you ever have to wait for something and felt you couldn't?  I am going to have to really busy myself so I won't think about it.  

My reading area in the living room.  Manor wing chairs from Icon Group.  Velvet ottoman-custom made.  Linen shades-custom, Wall color- Camouflage by Benjamin Moore, Trim- White Dove by BM.

Slowly but surely, we are furnishing our home.  Next, I have to go to the Boston Design Center to look at fabric and a chair for next to our sofa.  Can't seem to get myself over there.  Intimidation is the barrier for me.  It is a extremely large building with miles of fabric choices.  On the positive side, I  am keeping it simple with a solid fabric and it will probably be in the white family.  Woohoo!  When I get my lamps, you know I must do a post on it.  So, stay tuned for more!
What do you think?
Antique Brass Grasshopper Floor Lamp 

Isn't this grasshopper lamp cute?
So happy!

Photo by Living It At Home

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Come Take A Walk With Us

Maggie has trained me.  Here she is looking all bossy.  After morning drop off for school, she starts with her "huff-huff's".  Translated from dog to human means...take me out!  She has developed this routine for me {thank you Maggie}.  Take a ride with us for drop off {she is very insistent about this}, come home put on leash and sweater {still so cold here} then go for a walk.  When we get home from our walk, I have to give her fresh water otherwise she won't drink.  She just stands there staring at me with her piercing and oh so cute three dot expression.  I feed her next.  She has got my number because she won't eat unless I put a dollop of yogurt on her food.  
What a character.  
Thought you might enjoy a walk through our neighborhood.  There are some whopping large houses here.  Very beautiful homes and the pictures don't do them justice.

Rumor has it that this home has its own basketball court in the basement.

The older homes are more my thing.  I enjoy the character and details of the architecture.

Sweeping front lawns

New homes are just flying up around here.  They are tearing down cute homes and putting up mini- mansions.

Tootsie Roll house (yes the live here)

They have their own golf course that takes up the whole block.  It is so beautiful in there.  I love to walk by and look in!

More new homes.  Reminds me of the Hamptons

Thanks for taking a walk with me!  I wonder what else Maggie will be training me to do next?


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