Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drive By Sighting Of A Special House Owned By An Amazing {Celebrity} Family...

Does this make me a stalker?  Do you recognize this yellow shuttered house?  (See pictures below for a hint).  Well, I did.  I was driving to go camping in Upstate New York and almost screeched to a halt.  I was with my daughter and I screamed and whipped a u-turn!  She thought I saw a bear or something!  We kept driving by and finally my daughter was able to get a photo for me (she was finally getting into the hunt).  There was someone leaving so we had to be quick.  So embarrassing!  I should have stopped by and introduced myself to Bob and Cortney Novogratz from Bravo's 9 by Design reality show.  Where is my nerve?  According to my family though, I have "nerve" just trying to take this picture!  Their country house in the Berkshires, MA is lovely and unique with its signature painted yellow shutters (you know the house...if you have been watching their show).  I think the whimsical addition of the international flags is just the right touch.  This house really reflects their sense of style and flare for being different.  This just adds to my desire to have a summer home to "play" with and enjoy...   
Just a note....I will not be revealing the location of their home...I am not that bad!!!!  Next time though, I will stop by with flowers or something and say hello!!!! {I wish I had passed by when they were having that terrific garage sale of all their cool antique and vintage finds}.
I think I want to grow up to be just like them...ingenious risk takers with a real great sense of style!  Oh, and they have 7 kids to boot!  Moved a million times and flip houses that they...with no design training... design and build themselves with their own design company called Sixx Design (check out their website).  They take all of this in stride, day by day with a kid on each arm (and hanging on their legs too) and everyday chores on top of it all.  They look great, are cool and are living life to its fullest!  Wow, impressive!  There is no obstacle to great for them...  

 I would never have thought of hanging curtains outside the front of a traditional Massachusetts colonial.  Also painting the shutters a color other than the typical green or black which is a signature color of a colonial here in my house....I need to be more daring with my decorating..... (my house still looks pretty though).
{My house, photo via me}
Good for them for thinking outside of the box.  Love their creativity and daring!  We can all learn something from this amazing couple!

Here are the photo's taken by John Gruen for New England Home, May 2008 (below).  After driving by and only getting to see the outside of their home, I am happy that I have found pictures of the inside.

This is definitely not your typical colonial.  I love how they mix things up and yet it is very comfortable and soothing.  Doesn't hurt your eyes to look at it.

I think I have a bit of "vintage nouveauxx" in me too.  I just have to learn to be comfortable with what I like and not be afraid to bring it home.  As you can see, they liked that pink deer head on their kitchen wall..may not be my taste or yours but they loved it and are enjoying it everyday!

This outdoor sunroom is my favorite.  I love the rustic textures and it looks so inviting.

Love this photo wall.  No worries about it being perfect, it is just there to enjoy.

{photo via purestylehome blog}

I haven't had a chance to explore this book, Downtown Chic by Robert and Cortney Novogratz, but have been meaning too.   Another sneak peek into their decorating style.

Well, summers almost over and school is starting up again next week.  Can't believe it.  I enjoyed my summer and we had fun renting a home up in Maine, visiting family and friends in NYC, camping in Upstate New York, and antiquing in Hudson, NY and the Berkshires, MA.  My one consolation about summer ending is that I love the fall and Halloween.  Change of seasons means change of wardrobe!  Love to wear my fashionable boots and cozy sweaters!


{Photo of Novogratz house via my daughter, New England Home pictures via stacy's style blog}

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Antiquing In Hudson, NY

This chair was a show stopper for me.  So happy to be in this special place called Hudson, N.Y.  There are over 65 antique shops on five historic blocks.  About 3 hours from Boston and only 2 hours from New York.  We were invited to attend a very special celebration in the Catskills and had a chance to take the day and go shopping.  The weather was perfect and the setting was lovely along the Hudson river.  In and out of shops we went all day....I could have taken home everything!

For map of antique dealers in Hudson click here.
I really am convinced, after seeing the many items offered at these shops, that you really don't need to buy "new" furniture when there is so many interesting pieces that you could use to make a home comfy and inviting.

There was such a variety every where you looked.  Are you into collecting colored glass?

One of my favorite stores along Warren Street was Hudson Home.

Hudson Home store front.

Hudson Home has a wonderful eclectic mix of furniture and decorative items.  See the wood stacked in the fireplace?  I really want to try that in my fireplace!

The culinary choices were abundant.  I highly recommend eating at Swoon.  We, however, could not dine indoors because we had our dog with us!  Next time....

This town really has an "artsy" vibe to it.

Paint a whole building orange?  Why not.  Reminds me of San Francisco!

Lovely shops set up in old building along Warren Street.

Here is a little sneak peak at the event we went to.  It was on an estate in the Catskill mountains.  It was lovely dining under the stars and listening to live music in the night.
It was cold though!  Can't complain with the hot summer that we have had!  If you haven't been to Hudson, I highly recommend a trip there.  You won't be disappointed!
Have fun!

{Photo's taken via me}