Friday, April 30, 2010

Now That Is Plush!

So excited to report that I won a years membership to use the Boston Design Center's program called Shop Plush!  (Almost a $300 value)
I can shop at all 87 showrooms to the trade only. 
1 hour of complimentary design consultation with a designer.
Special Shop Plush pricing (not sure what that means yet, but it sounds good)

And all I did was answer their survey that they sent me (first 100 to answer). I never do anything like that so I was surprised that I won!

I will definitely be using this membership this year!  I need some more furniture and advice.

I need to work on my bathroom...maybe it will turn out like this:

Must work and improve on my kitchen.  Will I go for a cozy like kitchen below?

Or sleek and chic in black and white?  Need advice!
There are so many wonderful ways to decorate.  It will be nice to have help and access to the design center!

Can't wait and hopefully will take a spin at the BDC next week!
It is going to be so warm here this weekend.  Can't wait to wear my flip flops again and sip some mint ice tea on my blue stone patio!  Have a warm sunny weekend....long awaited!  xoxojamilyn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Come Clean With Me

Do you want to join me?  I am about to get mean and clean!  I have about had it with cleaning!  I tend to get lazy about it and procrastinate until I am doing it all in one day.  I realize that I have been doing it all wrong over the years and I am ready to make a change!  That is... with a schedule!  It is not as bad as it sounds.  Read on...
{My living room}
I was reading an article in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine called "Quick-Clean Routine".  It explains that the best approach for cleaning is to do one chore a day.  That just resonated with me and I want to try it!  Are ya with me?  Come on....

{Antique find}
With the weather improving and all the flowers budding I am ready for a spick and span sparkly home!  I have decided to name my routine "The Mean Cleaning Tour".  Basically because it is quirky and because I want to think of me "touring around my house and not chore-ing around my house.  That doesn't make sense!  Anyway, here it goes, follow along (would love some touring buddies or two).
{My oh so bland foyer}

Mean Cleaning Tour
My Monday:
How about you dust in every room and clean all glass surfaces?  
Sounds good!
I will!

Not so bad so far!  Hang tough and no laying down on the job, we are just getting started!

{My chandelier}

My Tuesday:
How about you vacuum all of the carpets and rugs?  Not bad? Eh?
I will!

{My living room}

My Wednesday:
How about you mop all the floors that need mopping using a lightweight steam cleaner or all-in-one floor cleaner-no bucket required. (BHG article)
I will!

{My feet-don't be scared}

My Thursday:
How about you take a break today?
I will!

{My Restoration Hardware silk pillow}

My Friday:
How about you save today to do all the odds and ends like clean the toilets, remove cobwebs, dusting ceiling lights and shades, or wiping scuff marks and fingerprints from doors, walls, and moldings. (BHG)
I will! (my pledge to do so : )

The key is to do these chores on a regular weekly rotation schedule.  Nothing is left undone for more than a this! (BHG)

My Saturday and Sunday:
How about you are off for the weekend (if ever)!  
{Now what about laundry! Ugh!}

{Photo taken by my daughter}
Things are looking up already!

One thing that could be helpful is to leave a rag by the door to wipe your pets feet.  Also to brush your pet frequently.  My dog makes her share of messes.  She loves to tear paper!
 More tips from BHG:
Clean up spills as soon as the happen.  Especially in fridge and microwave!
Wipe water off of walls and glass door when done in shower.  Leave a squeegee hanging for this.
I like to place disposable surface wipes in each bathroom (such a great thing) and kitchen for wiping down after last person is done in bathroom.

Fun-Fun-Fun...isn't it?

Don't forget to get your kids involved.  They can pick up after themselves, make their bed, bring laundry down to wash, wipe down bathroom after they are done, walk pets, sweep and even vacuum...who knew?

Also, your dashingly handsome hubbies can pitch in.  I know they work hard...can you take out the garbage sweetie?   Don't nag!

I hope you participate with me and are inspired to get mean and clean!  I feel more in control now!

Now, go clean!


(Images from Living It At Home, BBC Drama, Martha Stewart, BHG, Flicker)

Is anyone else having trouble with their blog today? Second time I had to type over this post!  arggh!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Enchanted In Georgetown. My Trip

My travels landed me in a charming place, Georgetown in Washington DC.  This area is rich in history and culture.  Not to mention great shopping on M Street!  One store that caught my eye was Bobby Medlin's.  She apparently turns treasures like an antique Tibetan flint case, into one of a kind neckpieces.  These pieces she has created are very rare and from far away places.  It is a magical shop with amazing jewelry.

Her necklaces are so unique and would make a statement with any simple outfit.

I wondered around and shopped for hours but found myself drawn to the streets above to explore the neighborhood.  The homes in Georgetown are so beautiful and well kept.  I love quaint streets with old homes and had to take a peek.  I really can't resist looking at homes!

It was a beautiful day to take some photo's with my little Cannon Power Shot.

As I walked around, I was wondering who lived in these magnificent homes.  How does one come to live here?  What kind of success affords a life here?  I know these homes must be in the millions for sure. When I think of DC, I think of politicians and diplomats.  I think of old money and status. There are so many different ways to experience life and so many different places to do it in.  

This little courtyard entrance got me.  I would love to come home everyday and walk through that Iron gate and open my cute door.  Love the topiary!

Black doors galore.  Such a great color to paint your front door.  So chic!  Very popular here.

I really love old homes.  However, how does one maintain something so old?  My house was built in the 40's and it needs constant attention.  Can't imagine a home that is over 100 years old and what that involves.  These home are well cared for preserving their history.  Thank goodness for me because I love looking at them!

Some of the homes are so grand and elegant.  I could see a little into the high arched windows and it was very spectacular indeed.  Even the furnishings were special.  

I like to study the architecture and the details.

This front door caught my eye.  Especially the unique light.

The homes are so cozy together!

This little red gem with its slate roof was a show stopper for me.  It is so adorable and I would love to live in it!

So cute!

This is M Street and all the wonderful shops.  

After all the walking I was starved and needed some refreshments.  I stumbled upon this charming french cafe and found a shady spot outside.  It was heavenly.  The quiche and spring salad was delish!  I truly enjoyed my day in Georgetown.  I cannot wait to go back again.

This is how my dog Maggie spent most of her time in Maryland.  She knows how to vacation!  So happy to be back.  My daughter and I drove over 900 miles this week visiting family in NY and Maryland.  It was a fun trip and I am sure we will be doing it again!


{All photo's property of and taken by Living It At Home}

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My 6th Photo {Blog Game}

As I sit in my mother-in-law's comfy kitchen trying to think of something to post while I am visiting here in Maryland {started our drive from our home in MA on Saturday, then stopped in NY, now MD} I was saved by the bell by being tagged to participate in the "6th photo published on your blog game" by two adorable bloggers, Mary Ann from Verbena Cottage and Debby Lee from Inspired Design.  I have to admit that I was actually confused by this game and wanted to know what the rules were.  I searched around on other blogs that were participating and still could not figure it out.  I must be very tired from all that driving or very dense!  After some time I finally understood that it was to be a photo from when one first started blogging.  So, using only the photo's that I took personally, starting with the first and counting up to six, {thought that would be more interesting than a photo I "borrowed" from someone else}  I found a photo I took of my dinning room back in October 2009.  It is all creepy and ready for Halloween.  Now, I had just started blogging in October of '09 and looking back made me realize that I really didn't know a thing about blogging.  For goodness sakes!  I didn't even do a first post properly. I just jumped in and started without introducing myself or what my blog is about. A welcoming intro seems to be what everyone does.  I think I was so excited to get going that I just did it.  So, actually being tagged for this photo game has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to do a first post the right way.  I have to think about this because even in the six months since I started blogging, my ideas about my blog and tastes have changed.  I will be working on it, very slowly I think, and throw it out there one of these days.  For now, I am happy to show you my 6th photo and relieved that I have something to write about while I am away!  Not being at home on my computer with all my files and photo's is challenging!

Halloween is so far away and I find it even hard to even think about it.  However, I just want to mention that I love my black crows and love using them in my schemes.  As I look at this picture, I think I am going to change the color of the walls in this room.  Getting tired of the Desert Tan, by BM.   I also think the windows need something.  I am looking for a really great mirror for over the sideboard too.  As I have said before, the dinning room chairs need to be recovered.  Do you like the mice running around?  From Martha of course!  Who else.

Now I need to tag 10 more bloggers to present their 6th photo.  If you have already been tagged and done this...sorry!  Just know that I admire your blog and what you am picking you!  What is your sixth photo?

I am exhausted from a long day of summer clothes shopping for my daughter.  She is in heaven because she has her Aunt and Grandma fussing over her and buying her cute clothes.  Lucky girl!  After being at the mall for about 5 hours we had a delicious meal at P.F. Chang's.  Glad to be back and blogging!


*Photo taken by and property of Living It At Home*

And The Winner Is...

And the winner is...

Megan from the blog, 1 Funky Woman!

Megan wrote:
Jamilyn, thank you for the awesome comments. I adore your taste so much, I was thrilled when I saw your note! This looks like a fab book and you know I'm a follower!
Well you already know all about my design dilemmas. I'm sure I'll be posting more soon!
Hope you enjoy the book Megan!

I would like to thank all the followers that entered and I really was happy that you shared some of your decorating dilemma's with me (and everyone else).  Hopefully they won't be "dilemma's for long!

{I am in Maryland right now.  We decided to continue our travels from NY and stop here to visit family.  My daughter said that we are like the traveling hoboes!  We sure are getting around!  I am using my daughter's laptop and hopefully will be doing another post or two while visiting.  It is so beautiful and lush here.  Spring is in full swing!}
Winner was chosen using

Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo's Of My Bedroom

I love making my rooms look better than they really are when I take photo's.  Or maybe, after seeing these photo's, they are not as bad as I make them out to be.  My master bedroom is terribly boring to me.  There is only the bed, nightstand (ready for a change) and lamp.  Not even a rug to warm things up!  Oh, there is a nice painting that we picked up at the Sausalito Arts Festival when we lived in San Francisco.  I guess there is also the cute green decorative pillow which I have had forever! There is no oomph!  No personality!  No warmth! I am really good at making my bed look decent and maybe my bedside table is a teeny tiny bit interesting with my pretty bird dish (given to me by my mother-in-law) to hold my earrings.  I cover my side table to protect it, with one of my most favorite finds, and that is a french tea towel with black and white toile.  I just love it and I guess that makes it better (just wish I ironed it for my photo shoot).  This room will probably be the last on the list of most important to tackle.  However, when I am in here, I don't find it conducive to sleep.  I need a cozy, serene, beautiful space. So, I may move it up on the list.  

So much to little time...and budget's that get in the way!
{I did order a bench from Restoration Hardware for this room and will post soon}

For your pleasure and curiosity {if you are at all at this point}:
Bed:  Martha Stewart for Bernhardt
Nightstand:  Martha's also
Lamp: Restoration Hardware
Duvet: Shabby Chic for Target
Decorative Pillow:  Kar'a'van
Matalesse coverlet and shams:  I think Bed Bath (?)
Earrings: Banana Republic
Wall color:  Silken Pine by Benjamin Moore
Trim: White Dove by Benjamin Moore
Painting:  The Blue Angel,

When I see everything in my bedroom listed out like this, it strikes me as kind of funny.  I really don't think about all the different places I pull things from.  What a weird list!

So, there you have a peak into another of my decorating dilemma's.  I look forward to the book FLIP! For Decorating by Elizabeth Mayhew. Hopefully it can shed some light on how to move forward and get things done!

I decided it was best to extend my giveaway until Monday, 4/19/10 (closes midnight).  I will be traveling this weekend to NY and will announce winner on Tuesday, 4/20/10.  It will be easier for me!  Sorry for the confusion!

 I am giving away FLIP! For Decorating~ enter for a chance.  
This giveaway is now closed.
Thanks and I will let you know on Tuesday!

*Photo's property of and taken by Living It At Home*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Was I Doing At 3:23PM?

At 3:23PM, I was taking this picture in my kitchen.

Before that, my breakfast area was just too disappointing.
I look at so many wonderful images almost every minute, it seems, of every day.
Beautifully decorated homes with rooms that could make your jaw drop (you know).

I had to get creative just to feel better...

The staging:
The light was just perfect.
The Forsythia's are in bloom.
An orange so sweet.
Linen cloth for cover.
A simple French napkin.
Antique silver treasures.
Oh, and clock from Target!
Not bad, eh?

I feel better now!
{None of this is very poetic and I am not going to show the before picture.}
{Ruins the whole fantasy for me!}

Don't forget about my Giveaway for the FLIP! For Decorating Book by Elizabeth Mayhew!
Enter here for the chance to own this wonderful decorating book!
This giveaway is now closed.
I am ordering one for myself!
I have way to many decorating dilemma's (I had asked my readers to share decorating dilemma's).
This book is perfect for me!

Thanks and enjoy!

*Photo taken by Living It At Home*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FLIP! For My Giveaway

100 followers has prompted me to do a fun little giveaway!  Yeah!
This book looks like so much fun.  Page after page of helpful tips (insider that is) for decorating.
Looks so good that I am going to get one for myself too!
Elizabeth Mayhew, if you are wondering why she looks so familiar, is the lifestyle expert for NBC's Today show and is special projects editor for House Beautiful magazine. Previously she was editorial development director at Real Simple magazine.  She has also worked for Southern Living.

Please check out the cute video below with preview of the book FLIP! For Decorating, you will be delighted and intrigued:

About the book

In her new book, FLIP! For Decorating, Elizabeth Mayhew shares essential insider tips for making any space stylish and timeless in a snap. Forget expensive fixes or labor-intensive endeavors, she shows you how to redecorate with what you have on hand, or with the simple purchases you’ll need to create the room of your dreams. Flip through the upper right hand pages, and watch four rooms receive an instant makeover! Inside you’ll discover:
- step-by-step instructions for decorating the four most commonly used rooms: living room, dining room, family room, and bedroom
- the fundamentals of color, including no-fail wall and trim colors, when to use wallpaper instead of paint, and the facts on different paint finishes
- the ways to treat a window, from Venetian blinds and Roman shades to simple curtains–and the secrets to making a window appear taller or wider
- the art of picking the perfect sofa, chairs, tables, and lighting
- strategies on how to prioritize your decorating decisions
FLIP! For Decorating also features time-saving reality checks, handy shopping tips, and easy and informative sidebars that will give you instant solutions if you’re stumped, stymied, or need to add a quick jolt of style to virtually any room.

To Enter this Giveaway for the wonderful FLIP! For Decorating book:

1.  First entry: You must be (or become) a follower of Living It At Home to officially enter in this giveaway.   Let me know you are a follower and comment will count as one entry.  I need your e-mail info. to contact  you if you are the winner.  Will not be used for any other purpose.

2.  Second chance entry: Leave a comment (again separately) about what your most difficult decorating dilemma is.  Trying to find that perfect fabric? Chair? Can't choose a paint color for your bedroom?  Bathroom?  A room that has no furniture?  Are you embarrassed with what you have?  If you don't have a dilemma, then I would love to know how you got to where you are (a tip or two)...perfection and bliss...I hope!  : )    
(Anything you would like to share.)

3.  You may enter from today, Tuesday, 4/13/10 to Monday, 4/19/10 till midnight.  I will try and announce winner on Tuesday 4-20-10.  

Note:  It is up to you to separate the two entries for two chances!  Winner will be chosen randomly. Thanks so much!

Good luck and it has been really great getting to know everyone!
Thank you for reading my blog and following!


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