Friday, May 28, 2010

My New England-y Flowers-so pretty

Well, my flowers are not really indigenous to New England and I am sure you can find them anywhere...but, they make me so happy and make my house look New England-y.  I guess it is the cat mint that does it for me.  It is just starting to bloom its signature long purple spikes in glorious masses.  I really cannot get enough of this whimsical plant!  I keep running out to buy more!  For me this evokes summer and the charm of New England.  My house already has that look as it is a garrison colonial with shutters and wood siding.  I just love my flowers!  {My house has to be is not the brilliant white it should be!}  The area below is my side entrance with blue stone patio.  To enhance our curb appeal, we will be adding a rock wall to frame off this area with bench seating.  We may plant a little flowering tree behind the wall.  I really want a lush setting with flowers overflowing everywhere.  I want to pull up to my house and "sigh".
This arrangement makes me so happy to see everyday when I come home.  I purchased the planter when In Home Furniture store was closing down.  So pretty!

My little black urns, that are aging nicely, are one of my favorite decorations for this area.  I needed a hardy plant for them so I planted Geraniums.  Never use red but liked the way that color stands out against all the white of my house.

Don't you just love cat mint?  This is the walkers low variety.  I guess the only problem is if you have cats.  I hear they go cookoo over this plant and roll in it.  We don't have a cat and were I live you can't have cats outdoors because the coyotes and foxes will get them!  MeOw!

Close up of all my happy little flowers

My new addition to my yard.  I found this stone swan planter at Home Goods the other day.  It is actually made from real stone and is very heavy.  It was a steal at $19.99 considering what stone planters go for.  I wanted to give it a french look so I planted french lavender in it.  I was actually thinking of aging the swan by encouraging moss to grow on it.  I think this will be a project for next year as it takes several weeks in a shady spot.  I really like how this arrangement came out and I am so excited about it.  Lavender is one of my favorite plants, next to cat mint.  Do you like?

More french lavender for me...yeah!  My mom said that this plant is so me. Well, I am off to sit out on my patio and have breakfast.  I will be planting more flowers and will post soon.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We are staying local.  I am relieved that we will not be in all that traffic!  We may just take a day trip up the coast...thinking of Maine?  If I could have my dream scenario, I would just move up there for the summer months!

Have fun!

Photo's taken by Living It At Home

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