Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Dural

Hope you are not getting bored with my "hunting" trips!  I certainly am not (don't think that is worded correctly.  Better than  I ain't )  Little trip into Boston lead me to this charming store in Cambridge called American Dural.  They have two floors of wonderful, rare, hard to find vintage pieces.  What really drew me here was that I had heard they were carrying antique "hotel silver"  cruise ship cutlery from a steamship that once crossed the Atlantic.  This ship was called "France".  Oh, how romantic!  Don't you think?  It plays right into my fascination with period pieces and love of antiques.

Many gorgeous pieces to swoon over.  Everything is so splendid!

They carry wonderful rare mahogany pieces of furniture.  I am always amazed at how well these pieces are made.  The craftsmanship and details are very impressive.  These pieces are so solid!  No fiberboard here...thank goodness!  There is way too much throw away furniture out there!

This powder blue chair was calling too me...take me home!  My more sensible side won out.  I have to stick with what only is necessary for now.  This would be a complete splurge.  It was so much fun wondering around this cute area of Cambridge, MA.  I stumbled upon some other shops that I will post later.  I hope you enjoyed my "hunt".

P.S. We have been dealing with all the water that has decided to visit us in our home recently.  Running around to Home Depot on my own has been interesting.  It seemed that the whole of Massachusetts was there buying flexible black tubing, or pumps.  Our lovely sump pump couldn't handle all the water and now we have three of them running at once so it doesn't over flow into our basement for the second time.  My basement looks like a disaster area.  Rug is pulled up and wet stuff everywhere. Ugh!  My chimney is also leaking water into my attic!  So, I hope I can share some more posts soon.  I may be a bit distracted!  Keeping my fingers crossed that all this nonsense will work it self out, I don't want to be away for long...stay tuned readers!  {One saving grace is that it is going to be sunny and in the 70's here soon.  Enjoy this long awaited spring!}
Wish me luck~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letting Go

"Don't you want to keep this sweetheart?" I ask as I hold my daughter's fairy collection in a box. 

 "No mom," my daughter replies reluctantly, knowing that I may be disappointed.

 I sigh and place them aside.  "Honey, can't you play with these a little bit more?  I remember when you used to love your dolls".  She shakes her head from side to side and shrugs. I sigh again and place some more of her toys in the "giveaway box".
 This weekend we decided to "edit" her room so that she could have more space on her shelves for her extensive book collection (450 and counting).  This was the conversation most of the time.  I really didn't think it would be so hard to empty out all the junk/toys and fritch-y fratch-y's.  I thought my daughter would have a difficult time with it but it was me in the end that found it hard to part with certain things.  Picking up a doll had me back years ago when she was younger and played on the floor with them.  I had unknowingly formed an attachment with all the things that may have been related to a second birthday, or loosing her first tooth.  Somehow while I was busy living and being her mom, she grew up.  Clothes are different, friends, activities and tastes. {I am getting teary eyed!}

"Mom, I am just to old for this now.  I really don't play with them anymore...sorry!"  She is apologizing to me for wanting to get the stuff out of her room.  I thought I would be the one to have to say, "Sorry, this has to go."  I really didn't think about the time that would come where she no longer desired these things.  Now we are onto finding a place for an Ipod dock, a spot for a desk, computer, reading chair, and updated bedding.  Somehow this process of letting go has made me realize that she is no longer a little girl and she is looking to grow up and have that reflected in her room.  She needs the breathing room and all of these "things" were in the way.  They for sure were in my way too.  My daughter is wise beyond her years and wants to focus on her writing, her book review blog Book Jacket, reading, drawing, school, roller blading (this is a new love), and friends.  I am very proud of her.

I secretly wish that I just had some more moments when I could hear her acting out a "play" upstairs.   Then later coming across one of the "scenes" that belonged to this play.  I would always leave all  of them just as they were.  Most of the time they were set up all over the house and would stay up for weeks.  I really felt that it allowed her to really express her creativity.  I would be over a friends home and they would have their children take down something they had built for hours.  They had to put it all away.  I do not consider myself very liberal, rather conservative, but knew instinctively that if I had her put that amazing scene away that she worked on for hours...I would never see it again and she would loose what she created.  It was almost like art.  Am I a good mom or what?  I actually believe that she benefited from the freedom to create.

When we were done for the day, it was all good.  Some small objects are staying behind to adorn her space. We still have more work to do in her room and she has taken it upon herself to sketch out a design...we will see how far we can go with it!  I am enjoying her eleven years of age (going on twenty or so).  Looking forward to discovering what she loves now and who she will become.
Aren't these sketches wonderful?  I think she has been bitten by the decorating bug!  I know hanging around me...antiquing, furniture shopping, blogging, and hunting for that perfect thing has worn off on her!


*All photo's property of Living It At Home*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maine Cottage Highlight

If I had a would look like this one!  After you see these pictures, you are going to want one too!  Sorry!  I start to get this very strong feeling inside that I must go to a place like this.  It is almost like someone turns on a switch as the weather start to improve here.  There is a strong need to pack up and head to Maine!  We stayed at this beautiful cottage on a lake a few summers back.  The reason why we haven't returned is, I feel we need to vacation in other places so we get to experience more.  My husband  and I want to own a small place to get away too.  This was our ideal place. Because of that, and because we want to own a cottage, I took tons of pictures so as to remember what to do when we (if ever) get the chance to build one.  For anyone who is frustratingly stuck somewhere with still cold weather...enjoy this little slice of heaven via me!

Can you just gobble this place up?  Cottage quaint is emanating from this kitchen.  We really enjoyed eating and cooking here. I literally had a big smile on my face every time I was in here.  A girl can dream can't she?  I could sooo picture myself living here...

It is all in the details!  Every corner was pleasing to look at.  You just feel good looking at all of these little aspects.  I am getting all worked up again!  

Many days spent reading and napping here.  Can you stand it?  Just crazy lovely.  

Extremely comfy living room overlooking wrap around porch and lake...right at your footsteps.  You could hear the loons everyday.  So soothing....ahhh!

Superb fireplace was built from stones and rocks from the surrounding lake!  Great idea!  Never would have thought of it myself.  However, you learn something everyday and I will store that away for future building of my "dream" cottage!  Please!  Please!

Cute Lanai (I think that is what it is called) off of dinning room and living room.  Perfect summery spot to sit at night when good ol' bugs come out.

My mom fell in love with these arched windows.  They cranked all the way open so you felt like the inside was outside.  Get it?

Back side of house.  Great dock to dive off of and swim out to floating dock.  On my list!

Lots of kayaking in this amazing scenic lake.

Has anyone every heard of Christmas Cove?  Not Christmasy at all...look at this!  Gorgeous.  I have to have a home here one day.

Camden, Maine.  Little short trip to visit this quaint place.  This is top of Mount Beatie.  Look at these views.  Maine really is an amazing place.

I have more photo's but have to wrap up this rather large post.  My dog Maggie really enjoyed her vacation!  So, now you can see what I love about cottages and why I am getting that itch to go back.



*Images property of Living It At Home*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Encores Antiques Gustavian Style

Out "hunting" again for my home.  My travels brought me to Encores Antiques.  They have two locations in Acton and Littleton, Massachusetts.  One of my favs to visit now and then to see what has come in from  Europe.  They originally only specialized in Scandinavian furniture.  They have now expanded to carrying furniture from Switzerland, Austria, and many of their inventory from Ireland and England.  Their furniture is so unique and could add that special touch or charm to a modern home.  Everything they carry is livable and is not delicate museum quality.  Their antiques could definitely handle everyday living of a busy family.  As you will see in some of these photo's I took, they carry a Gustavian line with its pale wash of paint that could compliment any interior.  This line is very popular...of is so very pretty!  It is a bit of a drive for me, but I really enjoy shopping here.  I have my eye on a couple of things...
There are many dressers.  Some are very large and so different from anything you see at the stores.  For the price, I feel you get better craftsmanship than what you would with the newer pieces.

I love their clocks, but have no place to put one.

A very large selection of antique mirrors that you won't see anywhere else!  I fell in love with this antique French mirror below.  I can see building a whole design for my hall bathroom downstairs around this mirror.  Oo-La-La!

This must be a panel that was taken from a home.  This would be wonderful on a very large wall.

Add a pop of color...Lovely ornament for your garden...I want it!

Cute faux bamboo painted chest.

For a large home.  

Isn't this pretty?

Chuck full of Gustavian style furniture!  Love it!

These chairs are darling!

I have been keeping my eye on this painting for a long time.  It is very old.  The Arch Angel.  I really need furniture though!

I hope you can visit this antique store.  Really worth it!  Still "hunting" and will post more results!


(Photo's property of Living It At Home. Info from Wicked Local article by Betsy Levinson)0

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dash and Albert Throws

I {love} Dash and Albert and I am determined to find a place to put a rug or a throw.  I love how this Dash and Albert rug was placed in this room.  However, this post is actually about my new desire and that is to buy one of their throws.  I just discovered them when I was out and about and think they are so sweet, comfortable, stylish and perfect for this time of year.  You can also toss them in the wash!

Since I saw one in person and was able to pick it up and touch it...I am hooked!  Price is reasonable too!

Happy "Spring like" weekend!  It is going to absolutely gorgeous here in MA.  I am thinking of doing some antiquing up in York, Maine this weekend.  About an hour and a half from were I live.  

Can't wait!

*Images from Dash and Albert and Living Room via Linen and Velvet blog*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After & Before, with still more to do...

After pictures are so much better to start with!  Don't you think?  Here is my dining room in the "after" with more work to do....  Dining room chairs from ebay have to be reupholstered for one thing.  My dog Maggie is watching me as I fret over my chairs!  {The things in the background are from Halloween...not my other creepy pets!}
 Windows are bare, but kind of like it that way.  We may need a bigger table but it is hard to give up this antique Belgian oak table.  Two leaves open it up to seat many.  I am not even sure if I want to keep this color.  When we first moved in {and we hardly had any furniture} we need to paint and I had to pick something.  Oh my, it was so hard to do!  There are WAY to many color choices out there.  Paint color:  Desert Tan by Benjamin Moore.

I love collecting silver and I enjoy making my little arrangements here and there.  My new favorite finds are hotel silver.  I am definitely a collector now!

I have a little built in corner hutch that I painted the interior La Paloma Gray by Benjamin Moore.  I just am crazy about gray and had to find a place for it in the dinning room.

This chandelier is antique inspired with hand cut crystal.  It was not that expensive and I am really happy with it.

This antique English sideboard we found up in Essex.  The painting is from Ireland by Knuttle.  This artist has actually become quite popular now.

I am looking for a mirror to go above the sideboard and hang the painting somewhere else.  Some mirrors that have caught my eye.... I have others and will do a post on all of them!  Which one of these do you think could work?

So here are the before pictures.  So much better to put them in the end.  Nothing that great to look at.  This room has good bones and probably more potential than I am able to pull off for it.  
I am tryin' though!
I was all mixed up about paint colors.  Someone actually recommended this dark red below.  It looked too much like blood to me!  It probably would have been very dramatic but too typical for me.  It seems red is a very popular color for dining rooms in New England.

Hope you enjoyed the tour and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would welcome them!

Have a great day~

*Images property of Living It At Home*