Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Boring Stuff You Just Gotta Do

Let's face it, decorating and making your home beautiful is the best part of owning a house.  Keeping up with maintenance is the worst part for me.  I either forget or just put it off.  The problem is, it catches up with you sooner or later and the problems only get worse with time.  With this start of a new year in 2010, I am going to try and find some pleasure in doing these things because it will mean that my house is cared for up and down and inside and out.  I also will be providing a safe and healthy environment for my family.  I am going to print out this comprehensive list and keep it up on my wall.  It is just a start!  You can do the same if you would like!  How do you keep your home healthy and cared for?  I would love some tips and inspiration!

• Fire Extinguisher: Check that it's fully charged; recharge or replace if needed.
• Sink/Tub Stoppers and Drain Holes: Clean out debris.
• Garbage Disposal: Flush with hot water and baking soda.
• Water Softener: Check water softener salt drum and replenish salt if necessary.
• Forced-Air Heating System: Change filters once a month if user's manual recommends fiberglass filters.
• Wall Furnace: Clean grills.
• Range Hood: Clean grease filter.
• Faucet: Clean aerator.
• Tub Drain Assembly: Clean out debris; inspect rubber seal and replace if needed.
• Floor and Outdoor Drain Grates: Clean out debris.
• Smoke Detector: Test batteries and replace if needed.
• Toilet: Check for leaks and water run-on.
• Interior Caulking: Inspect caulking around tubs, showers, and sinks; replace any if it is deteriorating.
• Forced-Air Heating System: Change semi-annually if user's manual recommends high efficiency pleated or HEPA-style filters.
• Garbage Disposal: Tighten drain connections and fasteners.
• Clothes Washer: Clean water inlet filters; check hoses and replace them if they are leaking.
• Clothes Dryer: Vacuum lint from ducts and surrounding areas.
• Wiring: Check for frayed cords and wires; repair or replace them as needed.
• Range Hood: Wash fan blades and housing.
• Roof: Inspect roof surface, flashing, eaves, and soffits; repair if needed.
• Gutters and Downspouts: Clean them out or install no-clean version. Inspect and repair weak areas; check for proper drainage and make repairs if needed.
• Siding: Inspect and clean siding and repair if needed.
• Exterior Caulking: Inspect caulking and replace any that is deteriorating.
• Windowsills, Doorsills, Thresholds: Fill cracks, caulk edges, repaint; replace if needed.
• Window and Door Screens: Clean screening and repair or replace if needed; tighten or repair any loose or damaged frames and repaint if needed; replace broken, worn, or missing hardware; tighten and lubricate door hinges and closers.
• Roof: Inspect roof surface, flashing, eaves, and soffits; repair if needed.
• Gutters and Downspouts: Clean out. Inspect and repair weak points; check for proper slope.
• Chimney or Stovepipe: Clean flue (more frequently if needed); repair any cracks in flue or any loose or crumbling mortar.
• Siding: Inspect and clean siding and repair if needed.
• Exterior Caulking: Inspect caulking and replace any that is deteriorating.
• Storm Windows and Doors: Replace any cracked or broken glass; tighten or repair any loose or damaged frames and repaint if needed. Replace damaged hardware; tighten and lubricate door hinges and closers.
• Window and Door Weather Stripping: Inspect and repair or replace if it is deteriorating or if it does not seal.
• Thermostat: Clean heat sensor, contact points, and contacts; check accuracy and replace thermostat if it is not functioning properly.
• Outdoor Faucets: If you live in an area with freezing winters, shut off valves to outdoor faucets. Open spigots and drain, store hoses.
• Septic Tank: Have a professional check the tank (watch for backup throughout the year). In many areas, it is recommended that the tank be pumped every year.
• Main Cleanout Drain: Have a "rooter" professional clean out the main line, particularly if there are mature trees in your yard whose roots could have cracked the pipe in their search for moisture.
• Water Heater: Drain water until it is clear of sediment; test temperature pressure relief valve; clean burner and ports (gas heater).
• HVAC System: Have a professional tune up your heat/air conditioning system.
From Sunset Books, JoAnne Liebeler's Do It Herself  (House photo from Flicker...isn't this house from England charming?)

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VictoriaArt said...

Look at you! Great list, nothing to add....will certainly check mine now!
Happy New Year! And maybe even maintaining the beuty of your home might be enjoyable to some degree!

In such moments I pretend to run a 5 star hotel and feel better already! LOL!


VictoriaArt said...

Sorry, meant beauty of course...

Design Esquire said...

Great list. I need to print it out and give it to my husband! As first time homeowners, its nice to have a master list of everything we need to keep up with.

Gwen Driscoll said...

I can't thank you enough for this list. I absolutely hate to deal with this kind of stuff and honestly have a mental block when it comes to doing it. So a friendly reminder list is perfect and I think I will turn it over to my hubby pronto. Hope you are well.

Gwen Driscoll
Ragland Hill Social

Kotivalo said...

It´s fun to read this list, because we have so different equipments and things to do here in Finland. It seems to me so "American", in good way = ) Have a very happy this year and thank you so much visiting my blog and for your kind words!!
By the way, this picture of the old house has been my screen saver in past, I think =))

paula said...

great list. we still don't have an extinguisher. On my list now.

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

This is such a thorough list, thank you! My husband and I are sort of clueless/don't have time for some of this stuff, so this list is extremely helpful. I hope you don't mind me borrowing it :)

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Wow, I'm impressed by the structure here! And I dread doing all those things (but they get done...)

Hope you've had a fabulous xmas!!

Susan said...

Thank you for this!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this list.

Hampton said...

great list and fun blog--thanks so much for sharing! best, barbara

The Tablescaper said...

You are so right. There is boring stuff you've just got to do. I'm always looking for some motivation.

- The Tablescaper