Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine's Surprise

Woke up today to a delivery of this absolutely gorgeous arrangement of flowers from my hubby!  I wish you could experience them in person...they smell heavenly.  I think there are lilacs mixed in with the roses.  Ahh...Spring has come early for me!  He was so sweet in getting these for me.  Since I "nixed" the whole flowers on Valentine's Day thing.  I told him not to get me flowers because they are so expensive.  
Well, I have to admit that I am happy he didn't pay any mind to me!

We did miss the Cupcake Valentine's Day Tea at the Ritz Carlton, Boston, this weekend.  My daughter came down with a pretty bad cold.  She was so sad not to go.  The picture above is the offerings of cupcakes with the tea.  Aren't these mini cakes cute?  I think there is a red velvet one in there with cream cheese frosting!  Oh my!  I think this tea may run through February.  We may try and go again.
I hope everyone is having a sweet Valentine's!

*First image taken by Living It At Home. Cupcakes photo by Stacie Joy via Cupcakes Take The Cake*

10 wonderful comments:

Marcy said...

The flowers are beautiful! (How nice of your husband not to listen!)

VictoriaArt said...

So gorgeous!
Same here, kids sick and we just take it easy next to the fireplace...

Happy V- Day!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

gorgeous flowers, what a sweet man you have!

Melissa said...

What a sweet hubby!

Scientific Housewife said...

What beautiful flowers! Those cupcakes look divine :)

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Luky you!! Mr B made these for us, they're to DIE for!!

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!!


Gina @ A bit of whimsy! said...

what a wonderful hubby you have. hope your little sweetheart is feeling better soon!!

Living It At Home said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day~

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Heavenly...! Lucky you! :)))

Jen Ramos

paula said...

cupcakes and flowers, now that's fabulous!