Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Easy Christmas Decorations For Front Door {Side Door}

One of the best things I have ever bought {for outside} are my black metal urns.  I use them over and over for every season.  This festive display only took me about fifteen minutes to arrange.  You can find the large red twigs and fresh greenery at your local nursery.  To do these two containers cost me around thirty dollars.  As far as a wreath, you don't need to get to complicated.  Just pick up an evergreen wreath and tie a simple red bow on it.  Now, there are years were I would like to do something different or more elaborate {like this year}.  However, this display is the fastest way to get your front entrance looking good and you can move on to more important gifts!
To arrange these decorations, it is really easy.  First you start with need that to hold everything in place.  I like to keep the red branches bundled together in the middle.  I usually tie them at the end with rubber bands and  place them in the middle deep in the dirt.  I then take each evergreen branch and stick them around the pot.  The large pine cones you can add in anywhere.  I think they look best clustered in a pair.  That is it and you are done!  I purchased all of these at Fran's Flowers in Natick, MA.  Go here to see there video on how to arrange a beautiful holiday display for your winter containers.

Our side door decorations.  Again, this was easy and simple.  I picked up two small trees and just placed them in my urns.  I then found some pine cones lying around outside and tucked them in.  Done!
I just saw snow flurries today.  Expecting snow by the end of the week?  Already?  I still have Christmas lights to hang outside!

Have fun decorating!

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Angela said...

Very pretty. I have some branches left that I cut off the bottom of our tree. I also have some curly willow and pine cones so I think I'll copy. Thanks for the idea. Merry Christmas.

Kathysue said...

LOve it, simple and classic. I am doing my front porch this morning, In fact I need to get started, wish me luck,

red ticking said...

beautiful.... xx

atticroute66 said...

Love your Urns. Exactly what I need. Love your quck and easy decorating. I put pine cones in my pots over the winter.
Great blog.

Concept Interiors said...

Do you want me to send you some snow?We got plenty!

VictoriaArt said...

I love your front door!
And your 'potted' twigs! Very nice!
xo V.

Scientific Housewife said...

Those are awesome!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Very pretty! funny, I have almost the same urns and I decked mine out with greens and dogwood twigs too. I love that look...I wish both of mine would fit next to our that.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I'm all about simple and classic. Love it all!!