Friday, November 6, 2009

Left My Heart in San Francisco

I was looking through old photo's for Thanksgiving decorations I have done in previous years.  I usually try and take a picture every year.  I started going through them and I began to remenisce about our time in San Francisco.  Whenever I "walk down memory lane", I find it very painful.  We have been here in the Boston area now for four years this November.  I still have pangs of missing our prior life in that beautiful land called California.  I thought it would be fun to post some pictures that I had taken at that time.  Sometimes when I was capturing a picture of an amazing scene on a fabulous day (which was easy to do there), I would stop and realize that one day, we may not live here anymore, and I should enjoy it while I can.  We were there for eight years, and it went by very fast.  I will always have San Francisco!  I was lucky!

This was a wonderful place to take your family and stroll along the bay or fly a kite.

I took these pictures below from my balcony in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.  The fog was lovely to watch rolling over Twin Peaks.  It was also very cold.
 Community garden right outside our window.  What a view!

Pacific Heights victorian's.  The architecture here is spectacular.
The famous victorian row houses at Alamo Square.
Isn't this house sooooo San Francisco?  If you have never been, you should definately go.
The hills in San Francisco were also so much fun to drive on.  When "out of towners"
 would visit, that was always the first thing we did.  They couldn't believe how steep the hills were and they would scream!
Have a great weekend~ Jamilyn

(Images of victorians by,,sitemaker.  All other images by Living it at Home.)

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Loving life in Southern California! said...

Nice shots! I've been to SF once and I really enjoyed it! I live in So Cal, and I love the warm weather we have here, but if I had to move somewhere else it would be SF! Nice post!

Love Writing Again! said...

I've never visited, but these made me wish I could!

Tracey said...

Hi Jamilyn! I love those victorians! I have been to San Fran and it is such a great city...but I have been to Boston as well and it is quite lovely also! Hope you grow to love where you're at :) Your pictures are wonderful...

:) T

Living It At Home said...

Yes, SF is a great city as well as Boston. I am very fortunate to have had the chance to experience living in both and N.Y.C. as well! It does take me awhile to settle in somewhere. I think I finally am really loving where we are now~ Thanks! jamilyn

prashant said...

ve never visited, but these made me wish I could!
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vignette design said...

I love San Francisco too! In fact I love the whole Bay Area. Your post made me feel so fortunate to live here and not take it for granted. We live on the Peninsula and have a second home in the Wine Country but hope to downsize in the next couple of years and move to the City. Check out my blog! --Delores

Anonymous said...

I am Glad i found this blog.Added to my bookmark!