Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Weekend of Antiquing and I Am Happy

With the sun shining and leaves falling, we were off to enjoy a leisurely day of roaming and treasure hunting.  My Mom was up from New York and we were two gals with a lot of time to "oooh" and "aahh" and stroll through all the antique delights.  With no men in tow--you know how it is--we took our time, ate lunch and enjoyed a beautiful fall day in Concord, Massachusetts.

Nesting on Main is an adorable antique shop that is filled with magical found objects like birds eggs, nests, dishes, jewelry, ect...  It is a special place.  The owners have a knack for decorating and it is very visually pleasing to walk in there and shop.

I love the use of natural materials mixed with antiques.

We checked out the Concord Antiques Fair at the local church.

There was much to choose from as far as ironstone.  I was very happy!  However, it takes me a long time to find that one special piece to collect.  I had my eye on these pitchers.  I am really looking for ironstone platters.

There was oodles of sterling and silver-plate.  I had to control myself.  I am looking for a ladle that just shouts out to me, "Pick me!"

These old frames would look great for a family picture wall I am planning.

My "big splurge".  Picked up one of these little babies, only 14 bucks.  So cute.

I also found some great antique prints, that I plan to frame, for only $3 each.  Wasn't a big spending spree but it was a perfect day!   I love the houses in Concord...

There is quite a bit of history in Concord, Ma.  We have visited Louisa May Alcotts place, The Orchard House.  She wrote Little Women. (She is running in picture below.)  Ralph Waldo Emerson House, the American writer.  Walden Pond, (we have swam there) Thoreau lived for a while in a one room dwelling by himself.  Famous Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where everyone is buried.  

 Of course there is the Minute Man Park and the Old North Bridge which is associated with the opening battle of the American Revolution on April 19, 1775.

There is so much to learn when you visit and great shopping.  Time to take out the "old" school history books.  I unfortunately have to brush up!  Really nice place to go, check it out!
(Last two images from NPS.gov, all other images by Living it at Home)

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paula said...

the ironstone pitcher would have had to come home with me:)

Jenn said...

Love all of that shiny silver! I so wish I lived in New England sometimes...the architecture, the history, the foliage...Enjoy it!

nkp said...

Sounds like a perfect, perfect day! I love your little
purchases and really, the fun is in the " hunt,"
isn't it?

prashant said...

.the architecture, the history, the foliage...Enjoy it!
Work From Home

VictoriaArt said...

You know, I had the most wonderul day in Concord,MA this summer, all by myself to visit the sites of the American Revolution and to pay tribut to some of my literary heros, L.M.Alcott, Hawthorne, Emmerson and to Walden pond...I had been to this incredible antique shop and bought a tortoise shell...It was exactly the place.
Such nice memories!
Thanks for sharing! You are so lucky to live in New Englland, I would move in a heart beat!!!

the gardeners cottage said...

To be surrounded in such history. How wonderful. I have always wanted to visit. Your post makes me want to visit even more now.