Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Dose Of Charm

Do you live in close proximity to a charming town?  If you do, and you can spare some time, take the drive or train or whatever to rejuvenate yourself.  Get a dose of some charm!  I highly recommend it.  I am so happy that a seaside town like Rockport, Mass. is under an hour drive for us.  Another coastal town amongst many that exudes New England charm.  It is so charming that I can't stand it!  I keep using the word charm and you will probably be tired of it by the end of this post.  Do you see that house below to the left of the photo with the amazing setting and views?  Well, I am in love with it!  I really just wanted to knock on the front door and start asking questions...How did you come to live here?  Who are you and what is it like to wake up to this everyday?  It makes my heart go pitter pat just to look at it.  I seriously think I need several lives just so I can live and experience all the different locations and beautiful homes.  I would hope in all these lifetimes that I would be able to manage one of these glorious homes!  Well, if I do, you will be the first to know and see first hand pictures!

Quaint shopping out on Bear Skin Neck in Rockport.  Too much touristy shopping for me though.  Walked up and down once and kept on moving.  Just not into that stuff and don't want it in my house!  I have too much I am trying to get rid of right now (finding that hard to stick with).

Explanation of why it is called Bear Skin Neck.  I love reading the history of these towns.

We sat on this porch for a while trying to get out of the sun.  It was lovely to people watch and take it all in.

One thing that my daughter loved is the peek-a-boo views of the water through the buildings.  It invited a beautiful breeze while walking.

The photo I took below is one of the most famous buildings in the world (fishing shack) on Bearskin Neck.  It is instantly recognizable to any art student of art or art history.
How Motif No. 1 Got Its Name
"ROCKPORT'S trade mark is the dark red shack on a Bearskin Neck wharf. Motif No. 1 is recognized in far-away places, thanks not only to visitors who spread its fame, but to the innumerable paintings and prints that have carried its likeness abroad.
One story says that a Yankee traveling in South America found a picture of the house: it had been painted in Czechoslovakia. He brought it to his home in New Hampshire.
As we have noted, America's most-painted building received its name in an impulsive exclamation by Lester Hornby. This illustrator and etcher taught in Paris in the winter; his pupils, in the French manner, drew certain standard subjects or motifs.
During his summer seasons in Rockport, Hornby noted that many pupils chose the venerable, dilapidated shed on the edge of the inner harbor. Its prominence and its simple but interesting proportions made it a natural model for sketches and paintings, good and bad. One day when a student brought for criticism a pencil drawing of the house, Hornby exclaimed, "What-Motif No 1 again!" It has been that ever since."
Rockport Sketch Book, by John L. Cooley

This was another home that was just so charming it was not fair!  It was also on the water and had spectacular views.  Knock...knock...who are you and how did you get to live here?  My daughter would have been mortified if I did that!

My husband and I are seriously considering moving near the water.  There is such a pull to be close to the ocean and see it all the time.  It is so peaceful and soothing.  Also good for allergies!  The pollen in Massachusetts has been a killer!
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Rockport.  I of course will be returning.  Make sure you go find your self some charming little town and go explore!  We all need a dose of charm!  For more information of Rockport go here.

Have fun!

Photo's taken by Living It At Home

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Anonymous said...

Jamilyn, from one blogger to another, YES you should move here! I grew up in Rockport and recently moved back from Manhattan. Now I'm blogging from here. So peaceful and inspiring.

Your blog is a treat. Thanks for the lovely profile of our little town.

Leah said...

I would love to near the water too! This place is beautiful!

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

How refreshing !
we plan to go to the Oregon coast soon,if it stopS raining here lol

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

what a charming place indeed, love the sea nearby and all those houses!!
Darling, drop me an email when you have a sec with your details, you won my last giveaway :) Congrats (not sure if you got my email) xoxo

VictoriaArt said...

Jamylin, you are the best! We've been there last year and loved it so much! We ate lunch right out there at the end of this amazing little street, packed with cute shops! The artists, the salt water taffies....
I took pictures almost on the same location!!! We rented a house in Gloucester! Cape Ann is so lovely!
I would move nearby! Or have a small country house there!

Thanks for the memories!

Maya said...

I've been to Rockport several times..., and it's super charming!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Jamily, thats for the little trip. You know I go crazy for these charming little towns too! Add water and its even better!
Move near the water if you can...you only live once!

Sara Louise said...

I love Rockport! I haven't been since I was a teenager but I love it so very much!