Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Fake A Healthy Head Of Hair" products that I am going to try

With the air becoming dryer and the heat constantly on, I am looking to make my hair behave and look healthy!  Here are some intriguing products I came across that are now going to be in my shopping cart to give a try.  The above product by L'Oreal claims that it is a restorative shampoo.  It has ingredients that help to thicken the hair and temporarily seal split ends.  It is a reconstructing shampoo that helps fortify the hair.  This can't hurt to try!  I absolutely hate standing in the shampoo isle trying to find a new product on the fly.  There are just way to many with such fancy names and claiming to do this and that.  Overwhelming!  I end up just grabbing anything.

We are told to at least once a week to deep condition...right?  I never ever have.  However, this product above by Shu Uemura has caught my attention.  The ingredients leave behind a smoothing film that hides dryness and damage for days.  Oh, and also tangle-free!  We all want smooth hair don't we?

Everyone's got them...split ends!  The only way to get rid of those "stinkers" is to trim them.  However, the White Sands The Cure 24/7 Hair Cell Renewal will hold the frayed strands together all day.  Yeah for us!  May help future breakage by lubricating wet hair before brushing, and preserving the cuticle.  I am thinking I may not have to get my hair trimmed so much now!  Hee-hee!

Did you know that the heat from a flatiron can crack your hair's cuticle?  Ah, duh?  However, the Remington Style Therapy Frizz flatiron is actually good for hair (didn't know burning your hair could be good for you...ever!).  Supposedly its plates have a porous ceramic coating that emits a silicone-based conditioner that has been shown to eliminate frizz more effectively than a traditional ceramic iron.  Sounds better than mine which burns and rips my hair out at the same time!  I think this may be worth a try for me.

This product is a heat-protecting spray.  Because when you use your friendly flatirons ladies you are scorching your hair at 410 degrees!  A spritz of Tresemme' Thermal creations Heat Tamers Spray protects heat-tool junkies' hair with a layer of silicone.  There is that mention of silicone again.  It is in everything these days that has to do beauty.  Regardless, interesting product if you are heating up all the time.  I mostly air dry my hair unless I have a function to go to.  Then it is burn baby burn to get it looking good!

Last but not least an at-home gloss!  You can fake a shine (if you have horrible hair) with a gloss treatment in 20 minutes!  John Frieda Luminous color Glaze Clear Shine gives a noticeable gleam that last for a week.  This one I like the sound of!  Well, next time I go to the store one of these is coming home to test out.  I will let you know what I think. What is your favorite "fake a healthy head of hair" product?

Happy shopping!

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