Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seasonal Decorating At Russell's

These rustic decorations are perfect for Thanksgiving.  Grab a wreath and go!

They have an abundance of dried flowers and beautiful tall twigs.

Adorable twigs with little bells on them.  Coming back for these!

Country wreath, leave it as is or add a pop of color.

I have an obsession with mushrooms.  These dried mushrooms are sold in bags and would be great to add texture to any vignette or flower arrangement!  I will be picking some of these up!

Russell's Garden Center in Wayland, Mass. has a very large department for Christmas decorating.  They will make a custom wreath for you or flower arrangement.  They do a really beautiful job.
Lovely large pine cones at only $1.50 each.  These are the most affordable and make for a simple, elegant decoration.  Check out Two Ellie's post at Mrs. French on decorating with pine cones.  Below is a photo of Paula's dinning room over at Two Ellie.  She used one large pine cone as a simple decoration on her beautiful dinning room table.  Her mother has had that pine cone since she was a little girl.  How wonderful and sentimental is that?  I think her home looks absolutely lovely for this season.
Image via Mrs. French via Two Ellie

I used to collect Dept. 56 Christmas In The City.  The tall brownstone to the left is new.  I would love to live in something like that.

Picked up one of these lovely rosemary topiaries.  I usually get one every season for my kitchen.  I eventually kill them though!  Very unfortunate that I don't have a green thumb!  Poor plant!  I love the way they look!

I am coming back for this Norfolk Island Pine.  Isn't it just gorgeous?  I want to find an urn to place it in my kitchen.  It is like a little whimsical Christmas tree.  I will not be putting any ornaments on it.  I like it just the way it is.  Go here to see when I first fell in love with this pine and the lovely urns they are planted in.

Happy Hunting!

Photo's via me except for dinning room via Two Ellie

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Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I can see you are as excited about decorating for the holidays as I am.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I am totally in the Christmas spirit this year! So excited.

Annelie said...

Love this post, Jamilyn.
Last time I was at Russels I was looking for bulbs to plant.
Topiary Rosemary - got to have.
Remember the post where you were obsessing over the other tree. Hope it wasn't too expensive, Russel's can be pricey.
Checked out your link and got x-tra inspired to do something pine cone:y.
(Have you ever checked out Stonegate Gardens in Lincoln on Rt117? They usually have nice stuff.)


paula said...

I rather like my pic even more paired with all your gorgeous finds :)

Cristin said...

What great finds! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love decorating for the holidays too.


Ylenia said...

those red birds are so pretty for xmas decorations!