Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When You Can't Find Furniture...

...go shopping for yourself!  Here is my loot from my "mini" shopping spree.  Great stuff, huh?  I am much better at buying things like this than LARGE pieces for my home.  I have been out "hunting" for my home and decided to take a break. *Click on photo's to see larger details*
Had some Nordstrom dollars (from points) to use up and I have to say did pretty well.  Like?
I found this Botkier bag half off at Nordstroms!   They usually have a table or two filled with discounted bags.  The saleswoman said that they usually don't carry this designer, but someone had just returned it (special order or something).  Lucky me!  I love big slouchy, soft leather (designer) bags!  Yeah for me!

I needed a wallet desperately and these ADORABLE patent leather Tori Burch wallets just came in.  This is apparently the new color for spring.  I just liked that it was cute, bright and I could find it at the bottom of my bag.

The other great thing about this wallet is that it zips all the way around to keep your belongings safe and secure.  Also, if your phone is skinny enough {mine is for now} you can slip it it up and your are good to go with a cute summery clutch.  I should be a saleswoman...are you sold yet?

Here I am lounging on my fairly new couch {feet on the couch/oh no!}  These cute brown Tori Burch shoes (very comfy) I actually found in this adorable shop in Concord, MA called Viola (excuse my ugly jeans).  She is having a sale up to 75% off designer shoes, bags, ect...  I scored these and love them.  Last year I bought a Gryson bag for 75% off and use it all the time.

Lastly, this gorgeous feather light (really thin) cashmere scarf I picked up at Nordstroms also.  Great colors for spring and they are color blocked.  Really cute.
Hope you enjoyed my shopping spree.  Now onto the big things...chairs, rugs, lamps...eek! 
 I think I really need help.  My creative side has left the building!


*photo's property of Living It At Home*

13 wonderful comments:

Pine Tree Home said...

ooooh. I love the shoes!

Red Door Home said...

How fun! A day spent on you.

Design Esquire said...

Great finds! The bag is amazing, and I love the wallet.

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Ahhh that wallet!! Must have. I so need a new one. Was it on sale?? I think you did an excellent job! How lucky to find that bag!


Living It At Home said...

Alaina...wallet was not on sale, but was less expensive than some of the other Tori Burch wallets. My Nordstrom bucks helped me make the purchase! Anyway, I really needed one and I usually use my things to death. So, decided to go for it!

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Fun fun fun!!! The bag is FABULOUS!!

paula said...

I would love to have all your buys, gorgeous.

the gardeners cottage said...

I don't think it's left the building as much as wandered into another "building." Sometimes you just have to take a break from home design. Shopping for little fun things like this is just what you need.


Scientific Housewife said...

Great buys! I have something for you over on my blog :)

Kristin said...

LOVE that Tory Burch and in the Pantone color of the year no less!

Jonesy said...

Great blog!!! I am a new follower : )

Please check out my blog when you get a chance as well.

Liz said...

wow nice finds! Love that scarf!

VictoriaArt said...

Aren't you the lucky girl???
Such nice things, the shoes are great, I love good shoes!
And the bag, so cool!
I am sure you will be fine with the rest!