Friday, May 14, 2010

Gone Antiquing At Brimfield!

I am off to Brimfield antiques fair here in Massachusetts!  I have always wanted to go and would you know the first time I am going and it is raining!  I am out the door anyway!  Will post soon!

Keeping my eye out for a mirror for above my antique sideboard~

Also I would love to make my mudroom more interesting with a unique bench and some old coat hooks!
Keeping my fingers crossed that I will find something wonderful!


Photo's taken by Living It At Home

12 wonderful comments:

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life but have never heard of Brimfield.. lol! Hope you find some good stuff.

p.s. I'm having my first giveaway if you are interested! xo

Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic said...

Yay, have fun!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Sara Louise said...

Have fun at the fair :-)
Is that a Graham Knuttel on your sideboard?

1 Funky Woman said...

Can't wait to see what you find, have fun!

Kathysue said...

Oh what a lucky girl you are!! I have it on my someday to do list. Have a wonderful time and good luck finding your treasures,Kathysue

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oooh fun!! enjoy!! xo

VictoriaArt said...

What fun, cross my fingers, surely you'll come home with something wonderful!

Mary Ann said...

have fun antiquing and will be waiting you here for your pictures! have a great weekend..verbena cottage

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

your going to love it! happy hunting!

Annelie said...

I still have a little bit of hope to go this week. Perhaps on Sunday. We'll see.
Anyhow, good luck finding what you're looking for.


shari @ little blue deer said...

Fingers crossed for you, have fun and take pictures!

Marcie said...

I was looking at the side pictures of your home. Amazing! Your spaces are so unique and beautiful.

Love the blog.