Monday, May 3, 2010

Mean Cleaning Tour-DAY 1

Don't forget!  My Mean Cleaning Tour begins today, Monday!  
Mean Cleaning Tour

I am going to dust in every room and clean all glass surfaces today! chore a day is the better way!

Sounds crazy but I am so excited to get started!

Just a reminder for those of you who want to follow along this week and join in.  I am going to try and post everyday that I clean.  This week of posts will serve as a motivation for me and hopefully for you to do one chore a day.
I will be using my swifter (sweeper) dust sheets to dust surfaces.

I also will be using ecological glass & surface cleaner called ECOVER.  I have been reading a lot about off gassing that comes from most of our cleaning products that we use in our home.  This product is plant based and safer to use at home.
Tomorrow is vacuum all rugs and floors!
Good luck with your cleaning endeavors!

Watch out dust bunnies, I am putting on my high heels...and here I come : )
*One has to clean in high heels!  Come on!

{Image via Flicker by angieszka}  

5 wonderful comments:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

best of luck :) Great way to tackle all the cleaning!

1 Funky Woman said...

So high heels and nothing else? Ha, I'm cleaning today too, but in sweats I just came in from a walk!

Happy cleaning!

Scientific Housewife said...

Sounds great, make sure to turn up some music too :)

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I am ready...but bare feet for me today!

VictoriaArt said...

Wait, wait I am with you!!!
Flip flop - check, dust bin - check, mop - let see.....
I am right there!