Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let's Keep It Real-Day 2

My enthusiasm and energy towards my new endeavor....one chore a day, kind of got interrupted by all my other "things" I had to take care of yesterday.  If you remember or are just stopping by, I aptly named it my Mean Cleaning Tour because I wanted to be "touring" my home and not "choring" in my home (go here to read about it).  I wanted to get "mean and clean" by creating a schedule so that I would clean everyday and keep up by doing just one thing.  Best laid plans it seems.  I think I really need to plan my time better and actually block out the time to clean for about an hour a day.  My day started off hectic and I had to run here and there...take care of this and that.  Can you believe that I ended up dusting at around 9 pm at night?  Yes, I did right before NJ Housewives!  Did you watch it?  It seems they are going for another round of fighting.  Do you know any housewives like that?  I don't.
Can I keep it "real"? Yes, I hope.  What I wanted to post this morning was me being a picture perfect blogger doing what I said I was going to do.  Not the case but I am going to keep on trying to get it right! 
  I did do the whole first floor, though, and did some of the glass surfaces.  I planned on getting up early this morning to do the 2nd floor and finish what I started.  That never happened!  What I am realizing is that this is a big job cleaning this house.  My husband saw me dusting late last night and thought I was crazy!   "What are you doing?"  he asked.  "Dusting.  I am trying to keep to a schedule. I dust on Monday."  I said.  He shook his head and asked, "Why don't you just hire someone to do this at least twice a month?".  Mmmm.  Why didn't I think of that?  I think I am just to stubborn.  This house is kind of to big to do on my own and keep it the way I want it.  I may look into it.  Even if I do hire someone, the dust bunnies and cobwebs still accumulate.  And when did my floors every stay clean for two weeks?  It would be helpful to have someone come in, but I would still have to keep up...a lot!   I don't know, I just don't like having someone in my house in my stuff!  I also think that I could spend the money on something else!  

OK- today is kind of starting off like yesterday.  I have a painter coming to give me an estimate on the outside of our house.  I have tons of errands to run.  Wanted to plant some flowers now that the weather is pleasant.  WHY DOES IT SEEM THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY?

I am determined to stick to this schedule.  I actually did feel good knowing that most of the dusting was done.  My home actually looked better and I wasn't overwhelmed.  I may be a bit hectic today because I have to play catch-up!  But that is ok.  On top of it all, I am having trouble with my computer.  What is that saying?  "A clean home is a sign of a broken computer."

Maybe I will take off the high heels today!

domesticity by kate_elizabeth.

Mean Cleaning Tour-Day 2
Vacuum all floors and rugs today-that is it-I know it is hard to stop!

I hope I have motivated you to try a schedule when it comes to cleaning your home.  At least do one thing a day to help keep up.  Tomorrow is mopping all floors that need it...that would be all of mine!

Keeping it real and clean.  See you tomorrow!

{Images from via flicker.com by Kate Elizabeth and wisperedbetweenwoman.com}

7 wonderful comments:

Anonymous said...

I find a whole lot of caffeine and cranking the music helps me whip through cleaning! (p.s. I use the swiffer sheets for dusting too, they work great)! xo

Sara Louise said...

You've inspired me to clean in rotation as well. So far so good.
And I'm totally hooked on the Jersey girls! Love love love Teresa!

Living It At Home said...

I am so happy to hear it Sara! I am actually dusting the second floor of my home right now. Just passing my computer...had to check in! One thing I like about my cleaning schedule is I feel more focused. Not so scatter brained!

Those Jersey girls....Teresa is so cute with her little girls. I am getting way to hooked on reality tv.

Good luck and happy cleaning.

yvonne@designvignettes said...

Congrats on keep up with the cobwebs and on winning the Nate Berkus Home Rules book from Everything LEB! Nate is one of my favorites and his book sits on my bookshelf (with the picture facing out of course!)

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

Have fun cleaning.you just made me laugh,i missed the jersey girls last night have to watch a rerun take care luv deepali

AMELIA:) said...

I can do it all by myself, but I have 3 kids, a dog and a husband who like to un-do what I have done, so I got smart and have help. I need time to do my painting and that time is now painting time! Of course I still have to do a lot of picking up and my zoom through of picking up the house. The ideal is doing it as you say with a list. day by day, chore by chore.
I am not a big TV watcher but I have a friend who fills me in...on all the reality shows.

VictoriaArt said...

I love it pretty, so my Hoover is not far and used daily, our dog sheds more then I want to believe...rotating is my motto too!

My daughter and I watch Desperate Housewifes as re-run on the computer.... Such FUN!