Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Antique "Hunting" In The Berkshires

I am happy to reveal another resource of mine for you to explore and that is the Berkshire Home and Antique Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  I had an opportunity to pass through the Berkshires this summer on my way to go camping in Upstate New York.  Remember my whole "stalking" post on discovering Cortney and Bob Novogratz's Berkshire home?  You can read about it here.  Well, seeing their home in person and getting a chance to go antiquing in one of my favorite stores had me all worked up!  Too bad it rained the whole time we were camping.  It was like being in a car wash for three days.  Kids loved it and thought it was an adventure.  Maybe I will post on that another time!  Feast your eyes on some of the fabulous pieces that caught my eye.
Adonis Of The Sea $1,600

Every year when we go camping I pass by here.  If I can't stop before I head back home I get very frustrated!  There are so many garden ornaments and outdoor furniture to get your home looking very unique from the outside!  I want one of these for my front blue stone patio.

I am actually considering this gilt chair for my living room.  I actually like the way it looks as is.  I guess they leave it like this so you can recover it in a fabric of your choice.

I love this vignette.  It has a very old world feel to it.  Nothing matches.

This is another table that I was considering adding to my home.  Next to my bed?  Or next to my sofa.

This antique store is filled to the brim!

Another display that I loved.  White and gray are one of my favorite combo's.  I think the time worn patina of this table is beautiful.

Another chair that caught my eye.  I would leave it as is.

Lots of great chairs to choose from.

This piece was interesting and had funky texture.  Looked better in person.
107 Stockbridge Road, Route 7 - Great Barrington, MA (413) 229-3505
Sad to leave the Berkshires.  It is a place that makes me very happy!  The adorable towns like Great Barrington, and Stockbridge have so much to offer.  Museums, restaurants, and of course my favorite, antique stores.  Sometimes it can get crowded with all the New Yorker's coming up for a summer respite.  Many like the Novogratz's (Sixx Design) from Bravo's 9 by Design have summer homes here.  You can read my post on our photo of it here!
Bob and Cortney Novogratz's house in the Berkshires (Photo via my daughter)
Every time I get on the Mass Pike (90) heading West towards the Berkshires (usually for camping) I get so excited to go in that direction!  It is a beautiful place to visit and shop!  If you would like click here to see another fun post about antiquing in Hudson, NY.
Have fun!

{Photo's via me}

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LindsB said...

So many amazing finds- how did you not end up with them all?

Mary Ann said...

hello jamielyn! I so envy your shopping.hope you are having a great weekend! verbena cottage

kayce hughes said...

So fun! I love a great antique store. I miss antiquing up north.

james said...

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