Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sneak Peak- Bedroom Design Via My Daughter

I have the most fun when decorating my daughters room.  However, now that she is almost a teen she has plans of her own-I am still having fun though!  We decided to do some improvements to her already adorable room.  My daughter has such creative ideas and has a great sense of design and color.  She is more fearless than I am and knows how to choose what she loves.  This is just a sneak peak and we didn't do any staging or straightening up for that matter!  Just snapped a few pic's for you all!  Couldn't wait to share it!  We just purchased this lovely antique bed at a local consignment store.  We got it for half off!  What a deal.  We have some crazy ideas for it....paint it a glossy color maybe black?  Red? Gray? Or just leave as is.  The green pillow was on my bed but my daughter snagged it and I love the way it looks (sorry bed looks messy).  Bedding we picked out on Gilt Group (starting to become a huge fan of that site).  She wanted a bedding ensemble with red in it and polka dots.  I didn't think it would work but I love it.  She is going for an "quirky" look for her room.  So far the colors she has chosen are red, green, black, and white.  All works well together!  Our dog loves this spot on top of the green frog.  Favorite place to go after a long walk.  She looks like one of the stuffed animals on the bed!
Fuzzy rug from Ikea (not the real lamb wool).  I love the touch of whimsy that it adds to her room.

Another pillow we purchased off of Gilt Group. We have been able to create a reading area next to her extensive collection of books (over 550 and counting-all read and re-read, amazing!).  She has turned her love of reading into a fabulous book review blog called Book Jacket.  She works so hard on it an writes the best reviews.  I am so proud of her!  We picked up a chair from Ikea and an ottoman.  She is so happy and enjoys sitting with a good book.  Now we just need a reading lamp and we are all set.  So currently she has a reading spot, working area with a desk and bulletin board, and sleeping area.  When we moved the furniture around, we ended up creating more room for zones.  She is ecstatic about it.  A real "teen" room.

Lamp from Home Goods.  Just adorable.  Her whole design really reflects her.  It is a joy and a bit challenging (for me to stay out of it) to hear her ideas (there are many) and help her bring about the design she is dreaming of.  Next on the list is roman shades for her windows, fashioning a canopy from curtain rods hung from ceiling around her bed, and maybe change the wall color to gray (although the current lavender color really works).  Not to mention that she wants chinese lanterns hung from her ceiling and a large wall mural made out of a collage (created by her)!  She is certainly good at this.   
My daughter's sketches for her room.  Read more about "Letting Go" (post) here.

Stay tuned for more from my designer daughter!


{Photo's via me}

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Splendid Willow said...

Jamilyn, good design genes clearly run in the family! What a lovely, both girlie and chic room!

And Home Goods. I miss that store! Used to hang out there all the time when we lived in LA. No store in sight in the entire state of WA!

Lovely beeing back here again. You will see more of me.

Now I am off to drool over the pictures of Mr. Figueras. I remember seeing him on Oprah. I thought she was going to crawl up in his lap!

ox, Mon

P.S Just added you to my blog roll.

Miranda said...

Wow! Your daughter is clearly talented. As someone that can't even draw a proper stick figure, he sketch is amazing. I love her sense of style. It's quirky, but clearly well thought out and cohesive. You have much to be proud of!

Henriette said...

Hi!Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I see we love the same films!I am a huge fan of Jane Austen!!!Love the film sense and sensibility with Keira:)

Juliette Samuel said...

What a great looking bedroom. I had a rug just like that when I was in grad school. Huhh, memories! :-)

Annelie said...

Your daughter has a really nice sense for decorating.
I love the bed that you found. I wouldn't paint it, it looks great as it is.
Never heard of the Gilt Group before, but I love the pillow and the lamp shade. REALLY LOVE the fabric. That's the kind of fabric I miss from home (Sweden), I rarely see fabric like that in the stores around here. And if I do, they cost a fortune.

I don't mind you nosing, and giving advise and suggestions- I love it. It opens my mind. Unfortunately, there's no room for a bench where I planted my hollies. It's just a small little strip of dirt next to our bulk head. But I'll add seasonal interest to the hollies and I'll post a picture soon where you can see the finished product. :)



Samual said...

Very nice.I love the way you have decorated.The Home Staging Business is that in which you can grow through referrals from satisfied clients and/or local realtors.

Sue Murphy@life as a house said...

The sketches your daughter has done are amazing. I love to see young people use their talent. Bravo to you for encouraging her to march to her own drummer. This is something my mom did for me years ago. She let me do what ever I wanted to my own room and bathroom. Even going so far as to teach me how to wallpaper and paint, sew my own curtains and pillows. boy have these skills served me over the years.

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

The bed is amazing! What a faboulous find in any color. Your daughter is a talented artist, you must be so proud of her.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the rug and the black-and-white prints. I also think it's amazing your daughter has sketches of her room. When I was her age all I knew I wanted was "purple."

VictoriaArt said...

This is beautiful, love all the vibrant colors. She has the great style of her mom!!!
And of course I love what you did around the front door for Halloween!
Thanks for your sweet comment, all good here, just loads of work! (No complaint here)

Victoria, wishing you all a great weekend!

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

darling!!! the TP pillow is perfect in the space.


paula said...

a designer in the making! It looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

wow i love the bed! the creamy white is so sweet, please don't pain it!