Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Polo + Nacho=What A Mix

Going to a Polo match is now one of my new favorite things to do.  Unfortunately, the "Brad Pitt" of Polo, Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras was not there (photo below).  I don't think he plays at the Polo field that we went to in Hamilton, Massachusetts at the historic Myopia Polo Club.  {Who knows maybe I am wrong-hopefully-because I am going back!} It is one of the oldest active polo clubs in America.  Club players have been competing on this field since the first game in 1887.  A pretty old tradition and a beautiful place to watch the game.  Now back to Nacho...and a little talk of polo!
A quote from Nacho:
"Polo is about whatever you feel comfortable with. It's very inviting. It's great to bring kids and your family. There's no special etiquette required unless you're told differently. Polo is for everyone. . . . Polo can be a bridge between different classes. It's everyone at the same place at the same time." (Source here).
Don't you just love the whole look of a polo player?  Something about the outfit and those boots!
"In June 2009, Vanity Fair readers voted Nacho one of the most handsome men in the world—second only to Twilight star Robert Pattinson—but this married father of three doesn't devote much attention to his looks. He's too busy caring for his horses, which he says are his passion, and trying to survive another day on the polo field. "You can actually die playing [polo], so it's a very dangerous thing," he says. "You have to be conscious, but you've also got to be a little bit crazy." (Source here).


In 2005, Ralph Lauren named Nacho the face of the Black Label line.  Much later the fashion icon became the sponsor of Nacho's Argentinean polo team, Black Watch.  Hence the cool looking black polo shirts.

Another Ralph Lauren ad for the Black Label line featuring Nacho Figueras.  Love the belt!

Nacho is happy that, through modeling for Ralph Lauren, he has the opportunity to spread the word about what polo is all about.  This is one of his missions in life to educate people about the sport he loves so much.
 Well, back to my day of polo here in Massachusetts.  Packed a picnic of cheese, crackers, olives, grapes and sandwiches. Grabbed a blanket and a couple of chairs and we headed off to a match.  What is actually so great about this polo field is that you can back your car right up to the playing field and pop the trunk and tailgate...well in a sophisticated way!  We learned a thing or two from the other avid fans... you need to have an elegant tailgating party.  Dress in cute summer dresses with nice hats and drink wine at your table.  Yes, people actually had tables (Or, you can be pretty casual too).  Next time, we will have the complete set up!  It was so lovely sitting comfortably with access to everything your car can hold while watching the game.  It was so exciting to watch the players and horses charging up and down the field. A dangerous sport and very thrilling.  There were actually very young players of only 16 years old!  Unbelievably, there were whole families playing on the same team too!  Really Fascinating and my daughter loved it.  So did my dog Maggie, all she wanted to do was chase the horses!  She will be staying home next time!  Please enjoy some photo's I took of that lovely day.

Try out a polo match, I think you will love it!  And you know next time Nacho is playing in the Hamptons in Long Island...I am so there!

(Images of Nacho and source from Behind Blondie Park blog,, other polo photo's via me)

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Annelie said...

OMG, this guy is sizzling H O T!
I've often driven by this polo place on my way to Crane Beach, wondering what it would be like watching a game.
Do spectators dress up, or is it casual?


Sue Murphy@life as a house said...

This looks like so much fun. Of course Nacho is not to hard on the eyes either. I can see why Ralph Lauren snagged him. I have some friends that play Polo, but have never gone to a match. I may just have to tag along next time. Sue

Annelie said...

Realized I was too busy checking out the model that I didn't really read your text, or looked at the other pictures too closely. My answer is right there. :)

Becky D@Kings Down Road said...

So fun! Both the game, and the pictures of Nacho... :)

red ticking said...

nacho is so handsome... between he and nadal... i am loving polo and tennis alot more! he he xx

Heather at Satisfying Spaces said...

I know this post is mainly about Polo but, OMG, the pictures of Nacho steal the show. :-) Just found your blog and having enjoyed browsing around.

Anonymous said...
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Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

what a fun day! It reminds me of the first time we went to the symphony downtown. We watched everyone around us open up these elaborate picnics with wine, the next time we were prepared.
Loving the RL pics!

paula said...

well isnt he rather lovely ;)

Debra Phillips said...

i am a sucker for handsome men in tight pants, high leather boots on a powerful animal dashing about the field wielding weapon potential clubs..........sigh :-)

did someone mention text?


Living It At Home said...

Well said Debra! Love reading everyone's thoughts about polo....oh yeah and not to mention 'what's his name'... : )

Henriette said...

Oh la la!I´m sending a "love for Polo" from Europe!
Love your blog!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Mercy! That is one good lookin' man.
Have a pretty day!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Admittedly I don't know much about polo, but I've always that Nacho was super, super handsome.