Friday, October 8, 2010

Creative Kids Costumes~Over The Years...

I find that just running in to a store and buying a cheap costume in a bag is really hard for me to do.  I get really excited when I come across a mask...and create a whole costume around it.  It really isn't that hard and it is fun to get your child involved in the process.  I hope you get some ideas from costumes we have designed and thrown together over the years!  It has been great fun!  Costume this year will be a "Spunky Alice In Wonderland".  We are hitting the thrift shops for a unique dress, adding stripped stockings, ect...  Should be interesting and we need to get busy shopping!
 Raven Princess (above) was centered around this feathery mask.  Items old velvet dress cut up (even if it is too small, you can use parts of it), cheescloth (hurry sells out fast), and black netted spider fabric (fabric store), we added a black crow for her to carry too.  This was fun to create!
 Headless...cannot take credit for this one but thought it to be so fabulous and realistic!

 Spider Princess and Ghost.  Again, used black spider fabric, spider hat from dept. 56, black dress, black jewelry.  For the ghost we used lots of cheescloth hanging over a white fabric that I cut up and made a whole in the middle to hang like a poncho.  Cute ghost stockings we found at a store.  I entwined spiders and bats throughout white spider webbing and drapped over costume.  Black and white makeup on face for eerie effect!  Having a missing tooth helps!  Just don't pull one out for the costume!

 The tiger costume, below, was store bought and came in one of those dreaded bags!  This was before I realized I could actually create a costume.  Still adorable though!  Bat girl (right) I made from a black leotard.  I cut purple felt and used fabric glue to adhere it to front and insets for ears.  I used silver fabric glitter to add sparkle and detail.  I also purchased black velvet and cut out bat wings and used the glue to add it across back and arms so when she opened up her arms she had wings!  Also added a black feathered boa around neck line.  Cute spider stockings we found at a store.  Super cute!

Spider Fairy was easy using pieces we picked up here and there.  Mask, wings, and wand we found at iparty store.  Used a swag of purple whispy fabric to make a sash then hot glued glittery spider to front.  Old black dresses that I could distress by cutting ragged edges.  Black stockings and boots we already had too.  Came out great! {Wreath in background I made, another story!}

Pippi Longstocking was a last minute decision.  Floral wire in braids gives the effect that her braids are sticking out on their own.  Freckles made with brown eye pencil across nose and cheeks. Dress and stripped stockings we already had!  
This Japanese Princess costume, I love!  My daughers idea completely!  However, we purchased the umbrella ($5.00) and dress ($15.00) in China Town here in Boston.  Hair up in little pony tails and eyeliner for effect.  Stockings and boots we already had!  Very happy with how it turned out!

Finally, Butterfly Girl.  Wings and mask from iparty store.  Black dress cut in jagged edges and black leggings.  We did use little colorful butterfly's in her bun.  Also sparkly makeup and a pretty clip on glittery butterfly for the dress.  That's it and it was easy!  

I hope I have inspired you NOT to buy a costume in a bag! Hee-Hee!  Have fun!

Happy Weekend!
{Photo's property of Living It At Home taken via me}

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Hamptontoes said...

This post reminds me of my childhood where my mother made our costumes every single year. She would not buy a costume in a bag! You have provided some inspiration here!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

jamilyn, she is so cute in all her costumes over the years! We enjoy making costumes too. Thanks for the sweet comment today!


VictoriaArt said...

Oh, just adorable, I think I should poke through my pictures and find our pile of costume pictures. You always inspire me!
All are beautiful, Pippi Longstocking so much fun!

Happy weekend, Jamilyn!

Lindsey said...

Such cute and creative costumes!! Love them all! I can't wait till I have kiddos and get to be creative with their costumes!