Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teen Room Updates

Some updates for my daughters room.  All selected by her.  Well, I did see the Thomas Paul pillow on Gilt Groupe and fell in love with how whimsical it was.  I then showed it to my daughter and she approved it!  The adorable silver side table I found at Home Goods for $49.00, a great deal.  I brought it home prepared to return it if she didn't like it-although I loved it and would have been heartbroken if she rejected it!  I placed it next her Ikea chair and when she came home from school she was smitten!  The other new additions are the Stockholm Rand rug from Ikea, the Ikea white slip-covered chair, and red Ikea velvet ottoman.  She just had to have the red ottoman and insisted the black and white rug would work.  I had my reservations but love how it all looks.  Youthful and fun. Still not sure on wall color and for now we are keeping the soft lilac walls.  Do you see all those books on her shelves?  There is an expensive habit going on here!  A good one for sure though!  My daughter loves to read and has to own her books so she can add them to her vast collection.  I think she counted around 550 or more!  We are quickly running out of bookshelves which presents another design dilemma.  She also has her own book review blog called Book Jacket.  Stop by and say hello!  She may have a book that a young person in your life may want to read.  I have read some of them myself!  Young adult books are not just for kids!
Her "to die for" antique bed.  My dog looks very comfy doesn't she? To read more on decorating her room go here.  Another idea for around her antique bed is to hang curtain rods from ceiling and hang colored sheers for a canopy effect.  We will see!
Stay tuned for more!


{Photo's via me and property of Living It At Home}

4 wonderful comments:

Richa said...

Your daughter obviously has some great design ideas. The red ottoman works beautifully on that gorgeous black and white rug.

I envy her book collection.

Thanks for sharing. (Once done up, would you like to share the pictures and decorating story on my site? www(dot)decoratingideas4kidsrooms(dot)com)

yvonne@designvignettes said...

Really nice! You two make a great design team!

Annelie said...

Looks like your daughter has good decorating instincts.
Love the look!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

WOW, I missed a lot of good posts! LOVE your daughters room, and your right, the bed is gorgeous! What a wonderful collection of books, we have the same problem, not as many but lots of them. I know our little one will be a big reader once she learns how.