Friday, October 29, 2010

Heart Pumping Creative Halloween

Halloween decor at our prior home in California
Halloween design above via me.  My daughter is obviously very happy here because I have passed on my love of Halloween on to her.  I think it is a good thing because it is such a great way to get creative.  Getting creative is what makes you feel truly alive!  If it gets your heart pumping than you are on the right track and doing what you love! The rest of the photo's below are from Martha Stewart.  I really need to work for Martha!  I think that would be a dream job.  These images below are some of my favorites and I really have to try to do some of them next year.  I hate when I say that..."I will do it next year".  Usually two years end up flying by before I get to it!

The use of moss is underated!

I am wild about mushrooms!  Who would have thought to do this?  Martha of course!

Gray, gray and more gray!  One of my favorite colors!

This ghostly graveyard is fabulous!  

Happy Halloween!

First photo property of Living It At Home, The rest from Martha Stewart Living

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Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Amazing pictures you found!! The candle pumpkin will be on my list for next year, too cool!! Oh, and the suckers sticking out of the pumpkin, love that too!
Cute picture of your happy little one!
Happy Halloween!

VictoriaArt said...

Fabulous, even I got finally in the mood! See what came out of it on Sunday....
Your daughter is a happy little witch! So cute.
And your mantel decorations are just adorable.
And isn't Martha a genius? So many stylish ideas.
Just love the idea with all that stuff under glass...

Have a happy Halloween together!

VictoriaArt said...
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Anonymous said...

Great photos... especially the gray pumpkin table! Have a Happy Halloween!!


Christie said...

Thank you for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! I LOVE the pix with your daughter jumping! And all the others...such great inspiration! I am your newest follower!

Design Elements said...

Wow, stunning images! happy halloween!

Lori said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN... Thanks for the inspiring pictures! ~Lori

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...


Anonymous said...

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