Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feed Your Friendly Birds!

Just a friendly reminder to get your bird feeders cleaned and filled with delicious seeds for your local bird population!  I know she is not a bird, but sometimes I feel she is...kind of a like a chicken in a lot of ways!   While outside cleaning the bird feeder I decided to do a photo shoot with a pumpkin and Maggie (she is the white fuzzy thing).  She was pretty good at sitting {one of her best tricks she learned}.  She is my little shadow buddy.  Right there investigating what I was doing so of course I couldn't leave her out!
She really liked her new pumpkin friend!

I took this "peek-a-boo" moment last winter of this Black Capped Chickadee (our state bird).  Don't forget about these little guys! They need our help in the coming months! Adorable!  I am looking forward to photographing all the different birds that will visit the bird feeder.  Just not looking forward to standing out in the freezing cold and snow to get the perfect shot!  To see more photo's of my birds, go here.

Enjoying this beautiful fall New England day!

{Photo's property of Living It At Home and taken via me}

3 wonderful comments:

VictoriaArt said...

What a darling little reminder! Your little shadow friend is so adorable!
I feed 'my' birds every year and I see them throughout the year too, they seem to remember.
Some days the cardinals come to my table and look for food, this is where I have corn with peanut butter and seeds laid out every winter.
And I tell them to come back in a few weeks..
But a feeder is something I will get for this season.
I love the bird shot, what a lovely captured moment.


paula said...

what a cute pup!

Anonymous said...

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