Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun on Halloween

Creating and making these costumes over the years has been a challenge but fun.  Ghost Girl was a last minute idea because I had some extra cheese cloth.  I usually stock up on cheese cloth every year because you can dye it, paint it, or easily rip it up to make it look old and tattered.  Also, it sells out at the craft stores!  These are just some of the costumes we have done.

Really getting into being a ghost here...

Phantom Princess was based on this mask I found.  Just needed a lot of  torn cheese cloth and some black spidery lace.

Love to use black crows in the design.

Our Spider Fairy Costume creation.  We have so much fun coming up with a new idea every year.  Bought the wings and mask at Party City.  I had a  black cotton dress that I cut short.  Also used a velvet children's dress that was too small and cut it up for the top.  Had purple material already.  Made a sash and hot glued a sparkly spider to the front.

Notice cabbage in my black urns.  They make a simple yet perfect display for Halloween.  I also used spanish moss, white pumpkins and crows.

I just love this headless costume.  It is so believable.  I can't take credit for this one.

Take one if  you dare!  Just stay away from the broken fingernail one.  That looks way to real!

Yes, these are edible.  I have been making these now for a couple of years.  They are very realistic.  So much that when I serve them to my daughters friends, they are hesitant to eat them.  If you do dare a bite, they are yummy!

3 wonderful comments:

jet said...

Hi there! Saw your blog address on "Life in the Fun Lane" so I took a peek:) Very good ideas! How do you make the cookies? My girls would absolutely freak out and then gobble them all down lol.
Many thanks!

Living It At Home said...

Thank you very much for your great comment and question. I posted the recipe for your baking enjoyment!

Have fun! Jamilyn

nkp said...

You are so wonderfully creative! ALL of the costumes are rather amazing, but that first pic is positively priceless! Lucky girl to have such a talented mama!