Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Style

Halloween has always been a favorite of mine.  It is my outlet for having fun and being creative.   I find that I have to be creative to be happy.  Expressing myself , even with these crows gives me satisfaction.  I have been collecting black crows over the years and think they are an easy and striking way to decorate.  It is fun to make them appear as if they have just landed for a tasty morsel.  
This is the way I "live it at home".

Oh, and I love to use gourds and gray and white pumpkins in my "scenes".  Over the years I have noticed that I have wanted to simplify.  Gourds and "odd" pumpkins are a great way of putting a sophisticated twist into decorating.  They will also carry over to Thanksgiving!   The mice are running amuck again!  They are such pests... found them from Martha Stewart. 

Here is an example of a ghostly lady that I made when we lived in California.  I loved using her out front.  At night I had a spot light on her.  It made for a very eery image.

While living in California, I got it into my head to have a Halloween sale in front of my house.  I made several wreaths and tried to sell them.  This batty wreath sold for $20.00.  I wonder if they are still using it for their front door.

Here is another wreath that I made.  I love the owl.  Simply have to use black owls and crows!  Trying to move away from the "cute look" now.  That was then.

This wreath I made in California and now it has a home here in Massachusetts.  There is  a black crow  nesting in the middle of it with some tasty bones.  This was taken a few years ago.  I change the front decorations almost every year.  Love that oversized witch broom which I got for a dollar at Big Lots in CA.

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