Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Spooky and Inspired

This picture makes me want to cut out some felt bats.
Images from Country Living.  Give it a try!  I am.

Got some lace?  Use a paper dollie for a stencil and get beautiful detail.

This is a fantastic display.  There are those felt bats again!  This image is from Holly at Life in the Fun Lane.  Check out how she spray painted old frames and used prints for the images.

There is so many ways to be creative in decorating your home!
Have fun!

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A Country Farmhouse said...

All these ideas are so inspiring! I feel like a party pooper as I barely get in a carved pumpkin each year! But this year I bought four pumpkins and told my husband that we're going to carve all four! That should get us in the spirit! Trina