Friday, October 30, 2009

On the Eve...

~~My Centerpiece~~

My daughter said that I didn't decorate enough.  I dug through all my boxes and came up with...

*Tattered and torn is all the rage*

Till tomorrow then...

*Images taken by "Living it at Home".  Last image, witch legs, unknown.

3 wonderful comments:

nkp said...

Dang, I was all excited to ask you where you got the fabulous witch legs! Great year!

Your home looks eerily beautiful!

VictoriaArt said...

Dear Jamilyn,
just now I saw your sweet tribut to my attempt to help you out. Thank you so much. Thats what it's all about among us: To give a little and sometimes take a little!

I love your Halloween decorations and that lovely costume for your daughter!
You surely did more then I, my kids have Halloween design in their hands, mostly a graveyard, spiderwebs of questionable colours and mold growing pumpkins outside on the lawn...;)

Take care, come by again!


LindsB said...

LOVE your decorations! All your bats look so cute too. I should have done mine like yours so they last from year to year...very smart :)