Monday, January 24, 2011

Frame It, Hang It, Make It Special...Your child's artwork

As I was working on this post, I was asking myself if this was just me {proud mom} taking an opportunity to show off how talented of an artist my daughter is.....However, I really did want to share how wonderful it is to show your children how much you cherish what they create.  Frame it, hang it, and make it so very special.  Give their art or creations a place of honor.  It will inspire them even more! My daughter of 12 years took a very serious art class last summer and I had to get her work up on her wall for everyone to see.  Hanging them up gives her a great sense of accomplishment and pride.  They also gave a lonely wall in her room much needed personality...and it is original to boot!
Daughter's room...her favorite reading nook

I found these poster frames at Michael's craft store.  These pieces of art were rather large so this was the best solution. {I think I hung the pictures a bit crooked...not the best at hanging art}
Art via my daughter

Photo of rocks via my daughter
This photo was also taken by my daughter when we were at the beach on Martha's Vineyard, MA.  I thought it was such a beautiful shot of the water and rocks below, I just had to frame it {I had it enlarged to 8x10 first}.  I want her to sign it too.  I think it is just amazing when you give your child the opportunity to create.  Why don't you let them have the camera for the day?  They really get into it and produce something wonderful.  I think this photo looks amazing framed and we have it in our guest bedroom/office for family to see when they come and stay with us.
We cropped and hung this still life, by my daughter, in our small sitting room off of our kitchen.  I love how art looks hung on shelves and really love showcasing this piece here.

Another piece she did that I just adore.  I love the trees and the mushrooms are so cute!  We framed it and have it hanging in our kitchen.  I hope you are inspired to hang some of your children's art work!  I plan on hanging more!


{All photo's taken via me, artwork via my daughter, all images property of Living It At Home}

6 wonderful comments:

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

OMG, you daughter is so talented! I love that you used her artwork in the home.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Beautiful art work.

Julia R. Dominguez Lawrence said...

Your daughter is very talented, and it's great that you display her work, that's very motivational for a young artist.

Scientific Housewife said...

What a great idea, those are amazing!

Heather @ Satisfying Spaces said...

Your daughter is very talented. You should be very proud. I have been wanting to frame some of my eight year old daughter's artwork and have not made it a priority. You have now motivated me to go get some frames. :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

WOW That doesn't look like a child's artwork. Your daughter is very talented. This is a timely post in that my son took some beautiful photos and i like your idea of having him sign it before framing.