Friday, January 14, 2011

If You Need A Dose Of Snow...We've Got Plenty

Maggie...she looks good in red!
In the middle of the snow storm

Trying to lick the snow!

Looking down our street

My home looks like a Christmas card!

Four little ones sitting in the tree during the storm

I had to dig a path through the 2' of snow so she could go outside!

Have a wonderful weekend!


{Photos taken via me and property of Living It At Home}

10 wonderful comments:

Concept Interiors said...

So do we!It's kind of nice, so soft and white.My dog loves it too:)

Cotehele said...

Very cute pup! Snow is beautiful if you do not have to go anywhere. Wish I was there.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

We have a Maggie, too - she is a lab and she thoroughly enjoyed the snow this week!

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

Oh soo cute..
and your home does look like a xmas card!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What an adorable dog. Good thing she had on her red sweater. With all the snow we had she would have been lost. Lovely storm photos. I love the four little birds in the tree.

VictoriaArt said...

Oh, yes, your images are so beautiful!
Our dog 'swam' throughout the deep snowy ends in our yard!
Sweet dog of yours.....
Happy weekend!

Annelie said...

Beautiful pics, Jamilyn!
Good thing your dog has that red sweater on, or she'd get lost in the snow.
Your house sure looked like a Christmas card, perhaps you should use that pic as the Christmas card next year?
Your pictures of the birds are fantastic.


diane@onlinefabricstore said...

Love the snow and bird pics!!! I live in San Diego where it was 87 degrees today and I am wishing I was where you are..Hard to ski in 80 degrees. (your dog is adorable)

Yvonne - Frl.Klein said...

Just found your beautiful blog!
Your dog is so cute and your photos are stunning!!!!!!
I´m a new follower now!

annie said...

Your snow pictures are absolutely beautiful. i love the cardinal...oh...I miss it! It may be warm here, but there is something about a blanket of snow on everything. It truly looks like a winter wonderland. You captured it well!