Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've Turned Into The Crazy Bird Lady {with a great camera}

Do you see the sunflower seed in it's beak? The Black Capped Chickadee is the most enthusiastic bird at the feeder.  They actually will wait close by me while I fill the feeder.  A high energy bird and very busy.  They chirp and chirp until I am done.  These little guys don't like to eat at the feeder if it isn't full to the top!  {Photos: Living It At Home}

Cute bird that always look a little grumpy to me and very serious! 

Female Cardinal, the male gets all the glorious red.

Yes, that is my new nickname given to me by my husband and daughter.  I have become the caretaker of these birds you see above.  They visit my feeder everyday and have begun to consume large quantities of bird food!  My husband wants to know when they are going to start paying rent!  I have also moved up from the cheapo bird food to the supreme high nut content {expensive} food for them.  You see, I have become very fond of them and get great pleasure watching them everyday.  If something happens to their feeder, such as being empty, frozen or partially taken apart by those pesky squirrels, I run out in my PJ's to rescue it.  Hence, I look like a wacky bird lady...with bed-head hair!  Good thing we have great privacy in our yard due to all of our trees otherwise my neighbors would get a site of me looking like a cookoo bird myself!  I love taking photo's of birds and I am getting good at sneaking up on them {I sound even more crazy now}.  It is good practice for me because I have no idea how to use this camera {Nikon D300}.  I love how these pictures have come out without having to do much but snap the shot {and some editing in iphoto}. Taking photos also satisfies my creative side along with sharing them on my blog.  I think it is important to try something creative at least everyday!   Enjoy these photo's of my winter birds {my babies, how do they stand the cold}!  To see more photo's I have taken of birds go here.  Thank you for stopping by!

JUST IN....The snow storm!
I woke up to a huge winter storm this morning!  School is cancelled, fridge is stocked, and my camera is out.  Just wanted to add some photo's I just took!  Hope everyone is safe and warm!

I had to dig out the bird feeder!  It was buried!


{All photo's taken via me and property of Living It At Home}

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I love it! The photos are beautiful and I probably would be the same way. I need to get us a bird feeder,,, I am sure it's theraputic watching them :)

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shots! Particularly love the last one. Love a good snow day :) Enjoy!

Julia R. Dominguez Lawrence said...

Sweet! Loving this beautiful snowy day also!

paula said...

there is nothing wrong with being a crazy bird lady when the pics look like this!

VictoriaArt said...

Oh, your photos are brilliant! Nothing crazy about feeding and watching! I do the very same, minus the gorgeous pics!!!

Birdhouses said...

I couldn't even start to tell you how main gigs of bird photos I have on my computer. Nothing strange about it!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Wonderful photos of the birds. I think taking pictures of birds is very difficult. I try all the time.

Jan's camera said...

Your bird photos are beautiful. I love looking at nature pix. You are doing a great job. I just recently purchased a Nikon D3100 and I am learning how to use that as well. Did you use a telephoto lens for these shots? I just came across your blog via Country Farmhouse. It is wonderful. I also love that you are from Boston as I am from the Boston suburbs.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Jamilyn, your pictures are fabulous! I'm hoping to get a new camera for my birthday.