Monday, January 10, 2011

My Gorgeous iPad Case {Love}

I don't need to use many words to describe this DODOCASE for my iPad (just arrived).  I think my photo's say it all.  Well, I will say a few things!  I absolutely love it!  I have tried another case from the Apple Store but found it very lackluster and not attractive.  This case, however, shows off the true beauty of my iPad (yes, I think iPads are beautiful).  It is made beautifully and looks like a book too!  It also feels very sturdy and strong.  The DODOCASE is one of the most popular cases out there and won the MacWorld Eddy award and the 26th Annual Editors Award iPad case of the year.  It is hand made in San Francisco (remember, I used to live there so I am excited about that) and they use true book binding techniques to create this sturdy case.  Their philosophy is to manufacture things locally and keep the art of bookbinding alive by adapting it to a world of e-readers and iPads (how clever are they). They also have different color choices for the interior.  It is easy to install your iPad too.  Just gently place inside the bamboo frame and viola, your iPad is secure and looking so pretty!  They also make a case for the Kindle e-reader.  We are a Nook family and hopefully (I am going to write them) will make cases for the Nook too.

Looks like a book when closed.

Cute book plate.  Love the Dodo bird!
I actually feel good supporting a company that makes things by hand and uses local craftsmen!  
Well, I am off to enjoy my new case and my iPad {the most amazing device-a dream}.


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4 wonderful comments:

VictoriaArt said...

This is so fun and original! Love that cover. Somewhere, I guess on Etsy I saw a cover for I-pads and laptops like an old ruled know, black cover, name plate!
Your is fabulous!!!! Enjoy it!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

That is really cool! We were sad the i pad couldn't do what we wanted it to do because I think it's beautiful too!

paula said...

love it! hoping to get an ipad as soon as the new one comes out. I will so need a case too...

The S.S. Santiago said...

I LOVE that it looks like a book - I think I could give in to an iPad if it looked like that!