Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right Brain Creative Type Gets Organized With Plastic {Not Typical}

  • Right-brain types are visually oriented. They tend to think in images rather than words, focus on the big picture rather than the details, and go through life in a somewhat seat-of-the-pants (a.k.a. scattered) way.  Source Real Simple.

OK, that is me in a nut shell {I try though}!  I have been reading so many organization articles recently and I am happy it finally is getting into my head on how to become organized.  I have a million projects to do for this new year 2011!  I definitely overwhelm myself  thinking about it all. Our bedroom closet has always been on my mind and it was a mess!  Without even putting it on my list for the day, I just walked in and starting taking it apart {I just had to}.  I had not even removed our summer clothes yet!  My one biggest frustration was how much dust accumulates on shoes, handbags, ect...   After stumbling across the Container Store's clear shoe boxes, I knew I found something that would solve my problem.  I couldn't wait to get over there and get busy recreating my closet {made a list first of what I needed}.  I am officially obsessed now with these plastic boxes!  They hold everything and no more dust or toppling items in my closet!  Neat...neat...neat and only $1.79 each!  I bought the box of 20 and saved a few dollars.  You seriously have to try these for your shoes and other items!

By the is some advice from Real Simple for right brainers {go here for more-also some advice for you left brainers too}
Forget about trying to adhere to strict rules. Your keep-it-neat plan should capitalize on your pull toward the creative and the emotional. Containers you already own and love can be motivating. Investigate your clutter patterns: Do you drop your necklace on the bathroom counter when you’re getting ready for bed? Maybe you need a wall hook by the sink to catch jewelry. If it works for you, it’s correct.
 I love how my shoes look and fit into these boxes...I really am obsessed!  Container Store even has boxes for boots!  Seeing my boots here make me so happy!  

 My small handbags were always falling off the shelves and getting dusty.  I love how nicely they will be stored now.

I have managed to even find a spot for my delicate scarves.  I never knew what to do with them.  I seriously am giddy!  

I don't have the fanciest closet but it feels so much more organized now.  I can walk in and "see" everything and everything has a home now.  I am not a super organized person {remember? right brain creative type} however, I love it when I am inspired to become organized and actually accomplish the task!  I still have more work to do in here though.  I would like to replace all my plastic hangers with real wood and paint the walls.  Oh, I even got some mens clear plastic shoe boxes for my husband {he does not like plastic boxes}.  However, he loves how organized his side of the closet is now!
I hope this organization bug doesn't wear off!  I am feeling really good right now about my closet project and the results.  To keep it like this however takes work and maintenance.  That means periodically eliminating items you no longer wear.  Also, put back things were they belong...make sure everything has a place.  I am feeling neater already!

Go get organized!

{All photo's taken via me and property of Living It At Home}

6 wonderful comments:

Chrissy said...

OH my goodness,I am definitely a right brainer :) I usually just have to start and go with the flow, like you did. I am going to go check out Real Simple now.
Thanks for sharing, everything looks great :)

Kathysue said...

Jamilyn, Love that you took the bull by the horns and plowed through, Bravo to you. I am in the process of doing the same thing in allllll of my closets, oh my.
I have a giveaway going on my blog right now for a $75 container store gift card, more boxes might be in your future, Come on over and sign up!! Kathysue

Scientific Housewife said...

That's such a great idea! I don't have enough shelf space for containers or I'd do it!

annie said...

Jamilyn, I have getting my closet organized on my mental "January" list. I'm not sure it's going to happen today, but seeing yours has me motivated to get busy. You are so smart about those plastic boxes...when we moved out our home to remodel we brought back a few pests from the home we rented and so I must get rid of all cardboard boxes. I love the look of my Tory Burch boxes, so I resisted, but after seeing your beautiful results I think I need to make a trip to the Container Store.


VictoriaArt said...

This looks great! I am impressed. My closet is neat, because it is so small, there is no way I could mess it up...
Love your organized shoes. Really cool!
I have a lot of stair climbing, all my shoes are down stairs, my basement is my walk in closet....

Yours looks lovely! Keep going!
It's all in such details, right?

Thanks for putting me on your list!!!

LindsB said...

Container Store is possibly the best store ever created. All those little plastic boxes make me so happy! I love seeing them in my closet too :)